Saturday morning but only just

Morning all, well it is only just morning and I am wide awake again.  The stress levels in this house are not conducive to sleep at the moment.  This latest set back has really knocked James for 6.  After a bit of investigation I have discovered that James phone would be covered by our insurance so we can replace the phone and hopefully all his information is stored on the cloud so it should not be too much of a trauma to sort out.  However, it does serve as a lesson with so much data on the new phones if you loose one you also loose half your life.

As you can see the new vac packer has arrived and is now installed in the kitchen.  It has already been put to good use as I had a couple of packets of bacon steaks and as they come in twos there was one left over which I could repack and seal. We were going to have them for supper but as it turned out no one fancied one so they have been put back in the fridge for today.  I did however get stuck in and made a quiche as I have loads of eggs to use up.  In the freezer I found a half pound of pastry that I had made some time ago so it was a really easy task.  I think I will have to make a couple of pounds of pastry and divide them up and keep them in the freezer for just such an occasion.  I usually keep puff pastry and filo [shop bought] but some short crust is useful too.

Today I have a mission to go and find some knitting needles the right size to make socks, from the double knitting wool that I have found left over from the tea cosy I made.  I think a trip to hobby craft is in order.  The wool is grey white and red so I think that should make some nice jazzy socks for wearing inside wellingtons.

The tiny daffodils are in bloom but as you can see I have a bit of tidying up of dead leaves still to do and the magnolia is just starting to burst forth.   I really need to spend some time in the garden and get things straight before the weed growing season really gets under way.

As you can see the hens are happily digging over their plot and have been enjoying the sunshine.  The few weeds that managed to grow in their run over the winter have been demolished in double quick time.

I think I should go back to bed and try and get some more sleep but I am very wide awake so I don't give much for my chances so I might just go and make pastry instead and hope that makes me sleepy.

Have a good day all and enjoy the spring sunshine......

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