Saturday morning and getting worse

The magnolia is in full bloom and looking gorgeous.  We had another traumatic day yesterday, as usual I spent two hours with James in the morning.  I suggested that he may need a change of scene as he had been staring at a blank wall for the last 4 days.  Fine, but there are no wheel chairs except in the main entrance so it was back down to collect one which cost me £1 as they have them chained up like supermarket trolleys.  It was quite a struggle to get him from the bed to the wheel chair as with both sides of his body damaged he is largely helpless and weighs twice as much as Basso!!!  We spent a while in the sunshine chatting then I took him back and reversed the process.  Mike came and fetched me at midday and finally I managed to get the dogs out for a short walk then I decided to boil a big pan of potatoes so they would be ready to go with whatever we were eating.  I had a stale loaf of bread which I  made into crumbs and then suddenly I had a brainwave, what about potato croquettes?  With the addition of some grated cheese and an onion they were really delicious.   As I had been up since 3am I put myself to bed for a rest but at 4.30 I had the hospital liaison person on the phone suggesting he was fit enough for discharge that evening until I informed them that there would be nowhere for him to sleep as his bed was up one flight of stairs.  No sooner had I put the phone down than the ward rang asking me to come and calm James down.  When I got there I found him perched on a comode screaming and sweating in pain AGAIN.  What was needed was some basic nursing care he needed his analgesia and some routine help.  While I was there the evening meal was served a delicious reclaimed chicken patte in a pool of stone cold gravy with a blob of smash,  yum yum.  Mike came and collected me at 8pm once I had done what was necessary and settled him back in bed.  The nursing staff are very NICE but too few and rubbish at their jobs one actually managed to stand on his broken foot while giving me a hand to move him, small wonder he screams.  In my entire nursing career I have never felt it necessary to call on relatives to come and look after patients.  Yes he is very depressed and difficult but he is helpless and in pain and that is their job!!!!  How come I can do it and they can't?

Mike is incandescent and talking about approaching our MP and the press I am going to put in a formal complaint to the hospital but that will be done in writing.  This blog will serve as a good reminder of what has happened and when.  Needless to say I have spared you the gory details and just given a general outline so if you think this is bad imagine, if you will, what the actuality is like.


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