Monday morning

Well what a shock I went to visit James yesterday morning only to find that he was screaming the walls down in pain.  The night staff in their wisdom had not given him any pain relief which in turn set off one of his nightmares.  His broken foot was hanging off the bed and dragging his pelvis out of alignment.  The back slab on his elbow was in several pieces and about as much use as an ashtray on a motor cycle.  They had put him on a mattress on the floor so that he couldn't fall from the bed, which is distressing but understandable.  At this point I cut up rough and found the ward sister and insisted he be given some pain relief and I explained that I felt his care was unacceptable. I also took photographs of the condition I found him in.   Suddenly there was a flurry of activity doctors arrived to re-do the back slab and some 20 minutes after he had his morphine and his leg was elevated all was peace and harmony.  However, as you can imagine my trust has been shattered and I feel extremely uneasy leaving him in their care.  However, they are now aware that his PTSD is very real and that it needs treatment.  I stayed with him until one when I handed him over to Zoe and I returned at three and stayed until 5.30 but made sure that he was given his analgesia on time.  I can only hope that he has had a better night but I am terrified of what I will find when I get to the hospital this morning.  Interestingly Zoe who is a police officer has been offered counselling on several occasions lately when she has had to deal with distressing fatalities.  I suggested she take them up on their offer as these things can come back and bite you at a later date.  You may think at the time that you are coping but this is not necessarily the case and one thing is for certain it will do no harm.

Margaret and Len had made us a lovely lunch but my mind was elsewhere and Mike was so distressed he drank copious wine and I had to bring him home before setting off for the hospital as he was in no fit state to drive.  I had a lovely long chat with a friend who lives in France but keeps up to date with my blog.  She had been reading between the lines and phoned me to get the full unexpurgated story.

Today the consultant should be available and hopefully we will get some idea of what exactly they intend to do.  This is day 6 of his stay and so far there has been nothing by way of a treatment regimen.  Both nursing and medical care have been substandard in my opinion.

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