Monday morning

As you can see I am up a stupid o'clock again but I am hopeful that I can go back to bed and catch a couple more hours. 

The first of the oddment socks is done, not very sure I like the result but it will do fine for the garden and inside wellingtons.  The finish, in double knitting, is not as nice but they do feel very warm and comfortable and knit up very quickly.  This is an experimental sock just to see how it knits up and if I can still remember how to do cables.

Thank you Denzil for the good wishes for mothers day and you will be pleased to know that the crackling was delicious and came out really crisp and crunchy.  Sadly the rest of the day was very stressful as James was in one of his foul moods and we all got the benefit.

The weather was gorgeous so I took the dogs for a nice run and got a breath of fresh air myself while the meat was in the oven.  It was so lovely that I took the opportunity to get a load of washing out on the line to dry.  It makes such a difference to dry washing outside it smells so lovely when you bring it in and it is always easier to iron.  The forecast rain never materialised and we just watched the dark clouds scud by leaving nothing in their wake.

Tomorrow we are due to take a reading from our solar panel meter and I think we will have done well as it has been pretty sunny even if it has been cold over the winter months.  Everything in the garden is bursting forth and I really feel the urge to get out there and get going.  All the onions and garlic that I planted in the autumn are doing well and the broad beans must be a good 6 inches high.  I need to spend some time with the fig tree which is covered in unripe fruit that needs to be removed to leave room for the next crop.  The weeds are beginning to take hold so now is the time to get them under control if I am to save myself hours of weeding later on.

The new vac packer came into its own with the left over pork which has been sliced and put in the fridge for a later date.  It does save having to eat things day after day to finish up the left overs and pork is not the easiest thing to use up.  Lamb and beef make for good pies but pork is a bit more difficult.

Well I am finally feeling a bit sleepy so I am off to see if I can get a couple more hours sleep.  Have a good day all and long may this sunny weather last.

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