Monday morning

What a lovely spring day we had yesterday, the sun was warm and there was no appreciable wind.
We had a nice busy morning getting the hens out of the glasshouse and back into their run.  Once we had rebuilt their house and got it all fitted out with saw dust and shredded paper we tried to usher the hens the couple of feet between the glasshouse and their run.  Well being hens they had hysterics! and in the end we had to catch them and put them in the run.  Once they discovered that they could run about and scratch all the new earth they were in seventh heaven and set about squawking like mad.  I'm sure the fox was delighted with the announcement.  I also had a go at cleaning out the pond pump which was rather blocked with leaves.   The water was still freezing so not a very pleasant job.

I did the roast chicken for lunch with parsnips and cauliflower cheese.  Not a colourful meal as it was all white but it tasted very nice so that was alright.  In the afternoon I took to my bed to watch my new DVD player while I knitted.  I watched, Tinker taylor and the girl with the dragon tattoo.  Both well worth a look but sadly I was still gripped when it came to putting the hens to bed.  The men took it upon themselves to do the job and fortunately for them the hens had already decided to put themselves to bed so it was not a difficult task.  I was let off the supper duty and a take away was ordered - our local chinese does the most wonderful salt and pepper squid which is our current favourite.

Today, I would like to get the plants from their pots and put in the earth.  The clematis is due to go in a large patio container and the little primulas will just get plonked somewhere.  The green house is a complete mess now that the hens are out it could use a seriously good wash down inside.  If I do this I will get soaked so it is really a job for a nice warm day.  Once the greenhouse is up and running again I can plant up some parsley and basil for cooking.  The chives and mint manage to survive the winter with the hens and usually spring back into life as soon as they are out.  Then it will just be a case of digging over the beds ready for the tomatoes and cucumbers.

I had intended to make meat balls for supper tonight but I forgot to get the mince out of the freezer so it will need a little time in the microwave this morning in order to defrost it.  I find that the mixture certainly benefits from a couple of hours standing so the flavours can mix.  I made two loaves on saturday but one of the loaves is almost gone so I guess a couple more are on the cards if I am not to run out for James sandwiches.  It might be pitch dark but I know my way to the freezer in my sleep so I had better make a start there.

Have a good day all and lets hope it is a lovely week for us all.
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