Monday morning

We are back to winter temperatures again today it is a mere 3 degrees and still raining.  It rained all day yesterday not heavily but constantly so I hope the garden appreciated it.  Of course James didn't as he was moving all his furniture into storage at Shiona's house.  He really could have used a dry day but with his usual bad luck it was not to be and just to cap it all one of his friends has packed his wallet with all his cards and money in one of the boxes.  The simplest solution was to cancel the cards and reorder them as going through the boxes was not an option.

I finally got this weeks ironing sorted out and put away just in time for a new weeks worth to start accumulating.  The crossword got finished and a caper sauce was made to accompany the tongue which was really nice.  There was plenty left cold for supper so sandwiches were the order of the day and there is enough left for lunch today.  One of the next pair of socks is finished and has actually come up bigger than the first pair.  I think I will have to reduce the size of the needles to get a slightly smaller size from the same pattern and yarn.

Today I will be starting the day with a trip to the hairdresser as all of a sudden my hair has become unmanageable; it is just hanging like wet lettuce and needs to be cut much shorter.   I have also been attacking my recipe files which all need to be converted to the correct format for the Mac and while I am at it I am increasing the font size so that I can read the instructions without glasses.  This is going to take a lot of patience and some time to finish.  The problem is I keep getting side tracked and reading the recipes instead of doing what is necessary.  I will then have to tackle the photos which are also in a mega mess and given that there are in excess of 7,000 it is going to take a bit of work.  However first I will have to get to grips with the software so that I don't waste time doing things the wrong way.

The wind is really blowing here but it is still dry
Have a good day all
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