Friday morning

and we have made it through another week.  I went to visit James yesterday and he asked me about the bike which we have sold, much to his disgust.  Motor bikes are particularly difficult to deal with as although Mike has a full motorcycle licence he could not ride it home from where it had been left and we had little option but to get rid of it.  I still don't think he realises how long it will be before he is fit enough to walk unaided let alone ride a bike.  He is very frustrated, angry and confused on all the drugs he needs to keep him comfortable which is making him a pretty difficult patient.

I finally managed to get T mobile to send out a sim card.  I was told that only a shop could deal with the problem so we drove into Chatham to sort it out.  The shop manager immediately said they couldn't deal with it, but I think the look on my face told him his life was at risk and he made several phone calls and finally the sim card is on its way.  We can put the card in a spare phone and use it so at least we are not paying for a contract with no phone.  Next I need to get the "fone house" to sort out the IMEI number for the hand set so that I can claim on the insurance, wish me luck!!!  At the moment the words that strike fear and dread into my heart are "we will get back to you" which I think means go away and stop bothering me.

I tried to get something sorted out with the department of work and pensions but a girl with an impenetrably thick Scottish accent put the phone down on me.  So I thought I would go via the citizens advice bureau.  They will give me a 15minute telephone slot but only if I ring early on the morning of the day I wish to speak to them.  Monday is full of appointments so that leaves Tuesday morning for that.  I have the distinct feeling of trying to walk through treacle, every phone call I make generates a life of its own and spawns 25 other calls.  Ok maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but that is how it feels.

At least the weekend will give us some time to regroup and reshuffle all the paper work before we start it all again on Monday.  The power of attorney document is a real saving grace and gets you past the data protection act.  I am thinking of doing one for Mike and I in case either of us find ourselves in need of assistance it can be quickly signed and witnessed and then many doors are are open.  It is almost impossible to deal with another persons affairs without it.

As we were in transit we grabbed a pasty from the bakers for lunch and for supper we had some chicken broth that was lurking in the fridge.  As you can imagine neither of us has much of an appetite and I certainly don't have time to cook anything exciting.   Thank heavens my freezer is full of stuff to be pulled out and microwaved.....  I think a loaf of bread is necessary today as toast is always a good standby and there are always eggs!!!

I think today will be the last of the sunshine so do enjoy it while you can....
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