Friday morning

What can I tell you this morning except that as usual I spent the morning at the hospital.  I had a chat with the orthopeadic registrar who kindly went through the X rays and scans with me.  The fractures in his pelvis are pretty bad and the heel is a real mess and now they are also aware that he has a broken elbow as well.  When I rang last night none of the specialists had seen him yet however as the data can now be sent electronically there is little need to see him in person.  No decision has yet been made as to what they are going to do.  James is very restless and full of morphine which sadly is insufficient to sedate him.  He needs to lie still but is finding that impossible and every time he drops off he starts awake with pain.

Yesterday morning I made a batch of split pea and ham soup which kept us all going through the day and Shiona made us a lovely supper of gammon steaks with saute potatoes mushrooms and egg, a sort of full english breakfast.  It was great and just what the doctor ordered.  She also took the dogs for a walk while I had an afternoon siesta and I must admit I slept very well.  This is going to sound ridiculous but I feel a certain sense of relief as I know that James is under professional care and not my responsibility.  Today we are going to assemble all his paper work and try to make some headway with banks and building societies and the sale of his flat.  We also have to organise a way of getting his 650 bike back to our house where it can be kept off the road as the tax runs out any minute and all we need is a ticket.

Sadly with the data protection act it means that we are almost helpless to sort out the mess as no one is going to be happy to talk to us.  There is no way James is going to be able to do anything for some time. Mean while the mess gets worse and worse!!!  Anyway one of my neighbours is a social worker and I have asked her to look into what exactly happens if we are not able to deal with the financial side of his life.

In the mean time I am knitting socks the white ones are finished and the next pair will be in pink with dark red cuff, heel and toe.  This will see all my spare wool used up and I will have to look for a source of oddments of wool if I am to continue.

Lets hope that today brings some good news I will be up at the hospital this morning while Mike and Shiona try to sort out the paperwork.
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