Friday morning

When you see the sunny faces of the daffodils you know that spring is not far away.  Yesterday was a glorious spring day bathed in sunshine and without the bitter cold wind of the day before.   Shiona arrived at her usual time and Hamish is looking well following his surgery but his stitches are not due out until next week.  We gather out guns and went off to Dartford where we had a go at shooting "down the line".  Well what an experience that was: the clays are very low and fast and quite difficult to hit.  However, we didn't disgrace ourselves totally, we gradually got used to the direction and managed to hit a few.  It would be a great discipline to shoot on wet days as you get to stand inside a dry shed.  Once we had exhausted our allocation of targets we wandered back to the club house where we sat on the veranda and ate our bacon butties in the glorious sunshine.  The club house is on a bit of marsh land close to the river and the QE2 bridge.  It was interesting to note that the ground was very waterlogged and the ditches full to the brim, so much for the drought!!!

My washing dried beautifully on the line in the garden but sadly I forgot to bring it in and it is still there getting a very good airing.  Hopefully it will require little or no ironing when I do bring it in.  The rabbit fricassee was a very nice with some pasta and one rabbit £3 made three meals for the humans and three meals for the dogs and a snack for the hens so I think it is a very economical purchase.  Today we are going to have "the piece of cod that passeth all understanding", with parsley sauce.  I think the quote is Keith Floyd, a cook I admire, who also had the temerity to serve an egg and breadcrumbed beer mat to a hated critic who had slagged off his restaurant.  Don't you just love it!!!!

Now, here is something to gladden your hearts.  James went to his flat to check the post and there in his post box was his wallet with all his cards and the money.  Some kind and honest soul must have found it lying in the hall where it had fallen from his pocket and posted it into his mail box.  Although all the cards have been cancelled at least he got his photo driving licence back which will give him some form of identity and save us the hassel and cost of getting another one from the DVLA.

On that happy note I wish you all a good day and lets hope the good weather lasts for a while.....

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