Friday morning

Yesterday was a lovely sunny warm spring type day.  My bowl of spring flowers was really in its element with the crocuses open in the sunshine.  I actually managed to get a bit of gardening done and clipped back some over hanging climbers from next door which are smothering my wisteria.  Now is a good time to do it as the leaves have not yet appeared and you can see what you are doing.  The dogs got their run, a couple of loads of laundry dried beautifully on the line.  I made the jota soup which I hope will be nice today but there is rather a lot of it so I think a portion or two may end up in the freezer.  I spent ages trying to phone the campsite to book our pitch for July but given that it was their first day open despite hundreds of attempts I couldn't get through.  I guess it will have to be on todays' list of things to do.

Shiona is due here pretty early as we need to get her boy dog to the vet by 8.30 [shh don't tell him but he is being castrated].  I have then booked us a slot in the genius bar at the Apple shop so that I can get some of my Mac issues sorted out.  For some inexplicable reason my email is still being sent to my phone but not to my iPad even though the settings are exactly the same, go figure!!!  No doubt we will have some lunch at Bluewater and be back in plenty of time to fetch the dog from the vet this evening.  I think I may also have a look round Lakeland as I need to buy some polish  for my table.  No doubt I will find some other items that I just can't live without.  As a shop I find Lakeland completely irresistible and always find something I NEED.

James is staying in his flat at the moment getting the last of his things packed so that he will be ready to move his furniture out on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  At least once the furniture is out he will no longer have to pay council tax and then hopefully the flat will sell relatively quickly which will be one less headache for him.

I am beginning to get spring fever and looked at my rather sad net curtains which are desperately in need of a wash, and my carpets too could really use a birthday after a winter of muddy dogs paws.  I toyed with the idea of getting a shampooer of my own then decided it was a better idea to get them done professionally.  Besides I have enough chores of my own without adding extras!!! so with that in mind I had better get the ironing done and out of the way before I get carried away washing curtains.

Have a great day all and long may this warm weather last but we really could use a bit of rain!!!
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