Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday was a day of two parts the morning was filled with clearing up, ironing and general house work.  Then the dogs were taken for a nice run which they were all in need of as they have been a bit neglected since the advent of the new computer.  For lunch we decided to have boiled eggs and toasty soldiers and finish up the cheese we had bought in Faversham.  As it had been an early start I took off to my bed and had a hours sleep before getting stuck into converting films.  I down loaded a nice program on a thirty day trial which will be long enough for me to convert all the films I have into the correct format (mp4).  Changing computers is a bit like spring cleaning it always seems like a good time to clear out redundant stuff and have a general tidy up of files.  However just as with spring cleaning it is very easy to get distracted.  For supper I had retrieved a stew from the freezer which we had with curly kale and boiled spuds.  Then it was on with the neglected sock knitting.  While I was knitting I watched and extremely interesting program on BBC2 called "The truth about exercise".   It would seem that it not necessary to join a gym but it is necessary to walk a lot.  Well all you need is a busy life and a dog or three.

Today is a shooting day and the weather looks perfect - overcast but warm.  It is difficult to shoot in brilliant sunshine as you can't see the targets well.  Jeff will load the old computer into his car and get rid of that which will tidy up the front room.  I was in a bit of a muddle as to what to have for lunch but I have decided that we can have chipolatas with bacon egg and beans.  Nice and easy to prepare and quick to produce.  James was not in the mood for his supper so that is left on a plate and I think I will box it up and freeze it as a complete meal.  Tonight we are going to have chicken with a tray of roasted roots as I have carrots, sweet potato, celeriac, beetroot and swede which should make a nice mixture.  I think if I am canny I can put the chicken pieces on top of the veg once it is partially cooked and save myself some washing up.

The fish have survived the winter and the water is looking lovely and clear so hopefully they will be happy to be fed as soon as the water temperature rises.  The hens could be moved back to their run once that has been tidied up a bit but I am going to hang on a bit longer as I am not convinced that this good weather will last.

Have a good day all.......
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