Wednesday morning and bin day

After his birthday came a day of pain! yes he was booked into the doggy grooming place and what a job they have done he looks absolutely gorgeous and smells like a tarts boudoir.  Usually the car smells of wet dog or worse by now with three perfumed dogs in the back the smell was almost too much.

We left home at about 8 am in order to get to the college by 9 through the rush hour traffic.  This of course is something we are not used to but with a couple of hiccups with temporary traffic lights and road works we made it on time and delivered all three dogs.  When we arrived back home Jane was in full swing and the house smelled of polish as we came in.  With three dogs I am aware that the house could smell like a kennel but with lots of window opening I hope most of the time it smells all right.  I then set to and made a batch of sausage rolls,  To the sausage meat which I got from some nice Lincoln sausages I added some crumbled black pudding and a small fried onion then encased the filling in all butter puff pastry [Tesco] egg washed and into a hot oven.  We actually had left over shepherds pie for lunch but we couldn't resist the sausage rolls and so had half each.  Well you do have to try them to make sure they are OK, that's my excuse anyway!!!!  There was no chance of an afternoon siesta as we had to leave home at 2.30 to go and fetch the boys so I occupied myself with finishing the socks

Not too bad for a first attempt.  I must admit that the yarn is not one I would have chosen but Shiona already had the yarn and the pattern.  I hope she is pleased with the socks!!!!  I have now started a new pair but my fingers are sore from knitting so I think I will have to slow down a little.

Just as we were about to sit down to supper the phone rang and it was the guy who had done the chicken wire under our solar panels.  We had got talking and it turned out that he was a wild fowler so I mentioned that if he had a spare goose I would be in the market for one.  Well low and behold he was ringing to say that he had a bird for me.  People say things like this but you don't expect them to follow through so I was delighted.  The bird will arrive with all its clothes on so I and going to have a fun time plucking but this weekend is roast goose.  YUM.  I have not had wild goose before so I am unsure if it will be lean like other wild birds or nice and fat like domestic birds.  Time will tell and once I have the clothes off it should be apparent which type of bird I am dealing with.  Now should I have a go at making quill pens with the wing feathers and should I keep the down from the breast to stuff something.  I think I would need more than one bird to stuff a duvet unless it is for a dolls house.

The weather was so gorgeous yesterday that I actually got a load of washing dried in the fresh air.  What a difference it makes it is so nice to iron things straight off the line.  Today they are forecasting rain but I don't think the south east corner is in for much.

James came home fairly pole axed last night he is not used to riding his big heavy bike all day and I think he is discovering muscles he didn't know he had.  His helmet had rubbed a raw patch on the back of his neck where the lining had worn through so we had a go at fixing that with some duck tape and hopefully it will be more comfortable for him today.  The first week in a new job is always very tiring so I am spoiling him a bit but that is what mothers are for, isn't it?

Have a good one and stay dry if you can!!!!
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