Wednesday morning and bin day

Good morning folks here I am back from the wilds of France.  Our day trip was a great success the 35 minute shuttle crossing is really the only way to go.  The self check in recognises the car so there is almost nothing to do but get straight on the train.  Once on French soil we drove directly to the restaurant in Sangatte where they had a supper Valentines menu.  It started with an amuse bouche which consisted of a tiny bowl of fish soup, an endive leaf with a quenelle of mackerel pate and a small pot of cream cheese and smoked salmon mousse. This was then followed by a small casserole dish containing the most wonderful mixture of shell fish including lobster and scallops in a very rich and delicious sauce.  Next came a palate cleansing cherry and Kirsch sorbet.  The main course was a beautifully cooked breast of duck with dauphinoise potatoes, baked endive, and carrot purée all in a beautiful reduced wine sauce.  By this time I was full to bursting point and could only manage a very small slice of goats cheese for the cheese course.  Then came the dessert which I passed straight to Mike a] because I am not a sweet person and b] because I was too full, but it consisted of a profiterole filled with pastry cream, a heart shaped apple tartlet, a chocolate mousse, crème brulee and some pistachio ice cream.   As you can imagine this took quite a while to get through and we left the restaurant with our shopping lists and very little inclination to go shopping!!!   I had a look at pressure cookers which were much more expensive than here so that was abandoned.  We restocked with wine and I bought a smoked chicken and a couple of salamis.  The supermarket has gone to the dogs completely and where there used to be a huge fish counter it is now less inviting than Tesco.  The meat was expensive and not much to look at so we beat a hasty retreat and arrived home exhausted and still very full at about 7pm.  Once we had unloaded the car and stacked the wine in the garage it was cups of tea all round.  Shiona and Keith gathered up their dogs, who has spent the day with mine and James, and set off for home which is an hours drive away.  I was completely shattered and took to my bed falling asleep by 9.30.  I had put the silk duvet on Mikes bed so when he gets up I expect a full report on how he has found it to sleep under.  I am hoping he will be as impressed as I am.

Today I have nothing planned other than a bit of tidying up and a couple of meals and a dog walk so I am going to take it easy.  Tomorrow we are due to go shooting so I would like to be well rested by then.  The weather has warmed up considerably here and is now at 5 degrees but the garden is very muddy from all the snow however the bulbs are pushing their head up anyway.

Have a nice day and enjoy the rest of the half term holiday.....

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