Wednesday morning and bin day

How to clean out your freezer and make your dog happy at the same time.  First get the dog excited about the whole process 

 Hide the pheasant that has been languishing in the bottom of the freezer for a year [It is one I have kept for training purposes].

 Send the dog to retrieve the bird and bring it safely back to me

Take from the dog, not forgetting copious praise, and put straight into the bin!!!! Job done everybody happy.

Now if only it were this easy to clean out the rest of the freezer!! 

I am trying to eat from the freezer to make life a bit easier and to clear a bit of space, so last night we had an ox cheek stew with mashed parsnips, savoy cabbage and dumplings which I enhanced with a bit of sage and onion stuffing.

The day had started off with the usual trip to the vet.  Tuc is making really good progress and we don't have to go back for a week which is all good news.  We are to continue on the low/no fat regimen so to that end yesterdays carbohydrate was pearl barley and today he will have a bit of pasta with his low fat "Chappie".

With no wonderful Jane yesterday we didn't do our usual tidy round so the bins have not been emptied.  I will have to make a start with them as the bin men come bright and early and I need to get the stuff outside for them.  As you can see from the photos we still have some snow as it has been too cold for it to thaw.

Today I need to make more bread as we seem to be going through it rather fast.  I also have decided to make a stuffed squid dish which should help with the running down of the freezer.  Then tomorrow I will make the cakes for the weekend and get them out of the way.  As luck would have it my vegetable box came without the dreaded beetroot and we had parsnips instead.  However, if I want to make a beetroot and chocolate cake I have some beetroot ready in the freezer for just such an occassion.  I will also make a lemon drizzle cake which should be enough I think.  I have numerous packs of poached fruit ready which will always make a quick dessert with some cream or custard or even as an ajunct to breakfast.  In order to demonstrate my sous vide machine I will be making some creme brulee for one meal.  As yet I am undicided as to what to have for Sunday lunch  I think it will have to be the rib of beef which is taking up lots of space in the freezer. There will be lots left over so I can slice that and vac pack it so we can have it for lunches later in the week.

Friday will be a cleaning and bed changing day then hopefully I will be all set up to spend time with our friends   rather than hours in the kitchen.
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