Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday was perishing cold and we froze on our daily visit to the vet.  We now don't have to go again until Friday and Tuc is making good progress.  No more sickness and a very healthy appetite.  We are now moving him on to Chappie which has a very low fat content and is largely fish and rice.  It is also time to move Basso to a lower protein diet as the working season is over and he no longer needs the high value food.  Of course calling the food "for working dogs" exempts it from VAT.

For lunch we had left overs and a soup du jour which was butternut squash, leek and carrot which was fine and nice and warming for cold people.  For dinner we had the long horn steaks and I must admit I was disappointed with them while they were tender they had little or no flavour.  In fact the accompanying mushrooms out shone the steak easily.

Today we have a miserable journey to do as we have to take James to collect his personal possessions from the Hendon Police college.  This is a long journey and requires us going north round the M25 and over the QE2 bridge.  Being, as I am, in my maternal defensive mode I would dearly love to give them a piece of my mind and the benefit of many years of experience dealing with students and their problems.  However, I think they will all be keeping their heads down and hoping that this is the last of the problem. Oh how wrong they are!!!!  I am just getting warmed up and now that my actions cannot have any detrimental effect on James I can go to town.  So far I have registered a complaint which has been ignored, I have filled in the form complaining that my complaint has been ignored and waited the 10 days they suggested before they would contact me.  Now I will be putting in a further complaint to the independent police complaints commission in writing which hopefully they will be unable to ignore. If they think by ignoring me I will go away they have another thing coming there is nothing more dangerous than a mother in defence of her young.

OK enough of me ranting but I have been waiting 7 months and my patience is wearing thin.  On a slightly brighter note I guess we will have to find a pub or somewhere to have lunch as the journey will take us at least 2 hours both ways so it will take the best part of the day.  I have made no plans for supper but if push comes to shove it will have to be a take away.

The temperature is well below zero today and yesterday we had sleet all day which eventually began to settle leaving a white coat on the surfaces.  As it is bin day I have one grotty job to do early before the bin men arrive and that is sort out the three partridges which are hanging in the garage. This is a job that I normally do in the garage but it is way too cold so I will have to bring them in and try not to get feathers everywhere.

Hope the day goes well for you and that you keep nice and warm.......

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