Tuesday morning

February is nearly done and some of the spring flowers are already in bloom.  The window boxes have been really cheery all winter and have flowered constantly through the dark days of winter.  When I break them up for the summer plants I will transfer the primulas and bulbs to the garden which will fill in a few gaps.

Yesterday, we set off for Faversham and went to the lovely food shop to buy coffee and as always a few extra goodies.  I also restocked with flour for bread making as they sell it in 2.5Kg bags of stone ground which is 5 loaves worth.  On the return journey we stopped off at Sandy's house where Basso got to play with his friends and colleagues.  He also came face to face with a ferret which gave him quite a surprise.  Fortunately the ferret was in its cage and so was quite safe, not that Basso was eager to get too close.

Sandy has lent me one of her flip cameras, she has two, as mine is bust.  On the way home I took some footage through the windscreen just to test and see if I could transfer to the Mac.  Well what a performance, eventually I downloaded a program which will change AVI to MP4 and have finally managed to get the film up and running.  The mac software for films is very comprehensive and will take a bit of playing with before I feel competent.

It was s good job I had saved a couple of pasties for our lunch as my mind was elsewhere.  For supper we had the fish as intended with a nice mixed salad.  Today the wonderful Jane is due and we are very much in need of a good hoover, but first I will need to have a bit of tidy up.  All the boxes and and the old computer are piled in the front room but when Jeff comes tomorrow he will take them away as he lives near the other brother in law and so it will save a 4 hour round trip for him.  Jeff is coming as we are destined to go shooting weather permitting.

The ironing is still sitting in the corner "shouting at me",  so I think I had better make some inroads into that this morning before it starts to mount up.  There are times when I wish my conscience would leave me alone!!!!  The first job of the day however is to make some sandwiches for James lunch.  Then the bins will need emptying as they are really smelly and very full.

Enjoy your day especially if you are blessed with some sunshine......
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