Tuesday morning

Just a touch warmer this morning at 4 degrees and I believe we are in for a heat wave as the week progresses!!!

Now I know I don't have to tell you that I am mildly crazy you will all be aware of that already but you might like to see the photos of Basso birthday.

The cake is one tin of Chappie [his favourite] and a candle I couldn't resist

One puzzled dog wondering who set his dinner on fire!!!! and more to the point how is he supposed to eat it.

After breakfast I saw James off on his bike with a packed lunch and stern warnings to take care on the icy roads.  Yes I know he is a grown up but once a mother always a mother.....

The morning was bright and sunny and so we headed out for a walk only to discover just how freezing cold it was and all the water was frozen to ice.  The dogs of course didn't mind a bit with their big woolly coats on.  After today things may be different as they are off to the local agricultural college to have their coats pampered by the girls learning dog grooming.  It is a very long and stressful day for them as they are delivered at 9am and not collected until 3.30pm.  They always look and smell beautiful but are completely exhausted and very glad to come home. The college is an hours drive away so it will take up quite a bit of our day too.

The shepherds pie I made yesterday has left sufficient for our lunch today so all I need to do is make some sandwiches from the new loaf and something for supper.  My veg box arrives today so I will have a good selection of vegetables to go with the pork chops I have in mind.   I also bought some fruit yesterday which will need to be vac packed and put through the sous vide.  This time I have a selection of apple, pear and nectarine.  The nectarines were going cheap as they are very ripe which makes a pleasant change they are usually as hard as bullets.  I find these bags of poached fruit very useful for a quick dessert and they store in the fridge for ages once cooked unlike fresh fruit which seems to be unripe for ages, then there is a 20 minute window in the middle of the night when they are edible, before they turn to mildewed mush in the morning.  It is also a nifty way to store veg that is on the blink and not suitable for the menu that day.

Well that is the plan for today so I had better head off to the kitchen and get things under way.    Have a good one what ever you have planned....

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