Tuesday morning

Of all the days I could have done with a lie in today would have been it as I am off to France this morning but I am up early as usual and feeling desperately nauseated again.  At least one thing is favourable and that is the weather which is up to 3 degrees this morning and after yesterdays showers of rain all the snow has melted and gone away.  Shiona and Keith are due to arrive at 10 and we will then set off for Folkstone ready to catch the 11.50 train.  We are intending to go straight to our favourite restaurant and have lunch then do some shopping on the way home.  I would like to go into Carrefour at Cite Europe to look for a pressure cooker to replace mine which is on the blink.  I know that they usually have a good selection there and we always buy some pate and bits for supper when we get home.

Yesterday started with a trip to the vet and a blood test for Tuc who I am glad to say is 100% recovered now and back to his usual self.  The left over beef got converted into cottage pies one of which we had for supper - the cheese board which was hardly touched made and easy lunch with a slice of left over cake.  I rendered the fat from the beef and now have plenty of beef dripping which I am sure I will find a use for certainly good for roast potatoes.  The kitchen is back to some sort of order and most of the food has been sorted out.  The wonderful Jane usually comes on a Tuesday but has been put off until Friday and James will be at home to look after the dogs and chickens.

The veg box is due today so I will have to make some plans for the forthcoming days based on its contents.

  • potatoes 
  • carrots 
  • onions 
  • leeks
  • parsnips 
  • sweet mama squash 
  • closed cup mushrooms
  • celery 

The squash will get consigned to soup I think and the seeds will go to the chickens who will appreciate them although it would be fun to try and keep some of them and see if they will grow....  The parsnips will make an interesting mash to top for the second cottage pie which is in the fridge waiting for a lid.

The king size duvet has made it from China and Shiona will be bringing it over with her this morning so Mike can have it on the bed tonight and see how he gets on with it.  I think he will be delighted as it should be just as warm and light as mine.  It is hard to believe that something so thin can be so warm but somehow it is.  Anyway I will let you know how he gets on with it.

Well that's about it for this morning I am glad to say that the nausea has subsided with the second mug of coffee and I feel a bit more human now.  Have a good Valentine's day and I hope you are not too stiff Anne after your exertions.  

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