Thursday Morning

One greylag goose ready and waiting for a plucking session.  It will take me about an hour and half to pluck the bird and fortunately it is a lot warmer outside today as it is already 11 degrees.  Can you believe double digits in February?  I have a shrewd suspicion it will not last and we will be in for another freezing session before we can say goodbye to winter. Once the bird is plucked it will spend a night in brine before roasting.  

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day I went to visit a neighbour who had taken their Landrover to Quickfit to have two new tyres put on.  Then while out in the car both front wheels dropped off.  Guess who had not done up the wheel nuts?   One phone call to Quickfit head office however made sure that they got a new wing, axle and discs etc. on the front not to mention a bit of compensation for the fright they had endured.  I must admit in the days when I was prepared to change a wheel I always asked to tighten the wheel nuts myself so that  I knew that I could undo them if necessary.  When they have tighten them with a pneumatic guns I stood no chance of undoing them by hand.

Today Shiona and I are going to go shooting so I am not sure when I am going to get round to plucking the bird.  Unfortunately Jeff is still under par and will not be joining us but better that he gets well first.  We will no doubt have a bite to eat at the club house at Dartford which will save me doing lunch.  For supper I have some chicken legs which I will roast with assorted vegetables.  I also thought I would make some "oggies", [Cornish pasties] which can live in the freezer and will do for lunches for James.  Today I have done him some hard boiled egg,  tomato and mayonnaise for sandwiches.  With him at work I now find that I have a little extra to do breakfast at 6.30 and a packed lunch as well as an evening meal and lunch for Mike and I at mid day.  Good job I like cooking!!!!

I managed to get off to bed yesterday afternoon which meant I could catch up on some much needed sleep.  I find that after missing a couple of days afternoon siesta I get very tired so much so that when we had our visitors I ended up with a cold sore on my lip which for me is always a sign of being exhausted.

James friend Zoe does 'Pampered Chef', parties and yesterday evening brought me a lovely present of a mini grater for lemon zest or garlic which will save me getting the big box grater out and cut back on the washing up.

People are so nice!!!! Sadly looking through the catalogue I discovered that there is hardly an item I don't already posses.  I hate to think how much it would cost to replace my kitchen equipment which has been accumulated over the years.

Time I got under way and made some sandwiches and got the breakfast going.  Have a good day all and enjoy the warmth while it lasts....
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