Thursday Morning

We are getting there at last; it looks like the flower might open in the next couple of days.  It seems to have been weeks that I have been waiting for the bud to burst.

Yesterday, was a day of pottering about - I made a nice salad with some of the smoked chicken that I bought in France and baked a new loaf of bread.  Some of the leeks and potatoes were made into soup and the smoked chicken carcass made into stock.  For diner we had one of the cottage pies with some sous vide carrots and brussel sprouts.  The carrots were really nice and kept a very carroty taste and the sprouts were cooked as usual in two lots of water which removes a little of the acrid flavour.   Once all the food was prepared it was off to chemist to collect prescriptions for Mike and then a walk along the sea wall with the dogs.  Although it was nice sunny weather when we set off the wind was very cold and then it started to rain so we beat a hasty retreat to the car before we were soaked as well as frozen.

After lunch I thought I would sit and knit and watch "War Horse", well, I watched the first half and then gave up as I found that I couldn't stand the sentimental Spielberg treatment.  I can't remember the last time I gave up on a film, may be it was Titanic which I also found over sentimental and grossly inaccurate.  May be I was just tired and grumpy!!! anyway I went off to bed and had an hours sleep instead.

Today we are due to go shooting but sadly Jeff is under the weather with Delhi belly and is not prepared to move far from the loo.  So it looks like Shiona and I will be going alone.  James if off to an interview up in London so hopefully he will be employed again soon.  I was initially very disappointed that his career with the Metropolitan Police was over but having been party to some of their treatment I am now glad he is out of their clutches.  It has been a major eye opener for me, and as if their news worthy corruption is not bad enough, they are some of the most inefficient, inept and generally useless people I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.  I have come to the conclusion that the term "wooden top", is well earned and not an insult merely a statement of fact.

Anyway, on to more interesting matters.  Having tried the 'toe up' design sock I found the turning of the heel almost impossible with the american instructions so now I am knitting with an English pattern which I hope will be much easier to follow.  The wool is kind of crazy and knits up in a sort of multi coloured pattern but the yarn goes from thick to thin and makes knitting quite difficult.

As you can see I haven't reached the heel section yet so lets hope I can manage that a bit better this time.  It suddenly struck me yesterday that women must have spent a lot of time knitting socks and stocking in days gone by before the machines took over the job.  No wonder they were keen to darn any holes!!!!!  I am hoping that if I get the pattern cracked then I can knit pairs of socks for all my friends for Christmas.  That will  save a lot of thinking and shopping come the time and socks are always useful.....

I said I would let you know how Mike got on with his silk duvet well it is good news he is as delighted as have been and cannot quite believe that so little can be so warm.

Have a good day what ever you have planned and I am glad to hear that the bomb in Thailand left you unscathed Denzil.
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