Thursday Morning

Well it is stupid o'clock again but what can you do when you fall asleep at 9pm.  Yesterday was one of pottering around in the kitchen.  First the bread was made and then I moved on to lunch which was stuffed squid in a tomato sauce and for supper we had macaroni cheese [Heston style].  I watched Heston last night and while I might do some of his recipes there are some which just require too much messing around like the doughnuts.

Today I will be into cake making ready for the weekend, not my favourite occupation, but necessary.  I only hope that the weather doesn't put a stop to my friends journey up from Bristol as I believe they are forecasting more snow for the Reading area.  I think we will be spared but the temperature is still well below zero and the snow is still persisting in the garden.

It was too cold to go shooting yesterday so that got put on hold until next week if the weather is better.  We are a bit fair weather shooters but what is the point in getting freezing cold or wet.  We are also due to go over to France on Valentines day, so with any luck we will be able to replenish our supplies of wine.  I also intend to buy a new pressure cooker while I am there as they always seem to have a good array on offer and mine is on its last legs.  The handle keeps coming off as the screw holding it no longer works well and despite trying to tighten it up is still works loose.  I tried the nail varnish trick to hold the screw but even that failed so I guess it is time for a new one.

Since my Christmas knitting extravaganza I have not had any work to do so I have now decided to knit socks and to that end I ordered a set of double ended bamboo needles.  I have decided that socks are always useful and if I make them long in the leg they will be ideal for wearing inside my wellies.  It is a long time since I turned a heel so we will have to see if I can still remember how to do it.  If I don't there is always Utube where there are instructions for doing most things...... If the bug bites then I guess it will be socks for everyone for Christmas next year, perhaps not in lime green!!!!!

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