Thursday Morning

Yesterday was a bit of a right off.   We set off for Hendon at about 9am hoping to have left all the rush hour traffic behind and had an uneventful run round the M25.  James went to fetch his possessions and fill in a few forms while they kindly left us sitting in sub zero temperatures outside the main gates!!!!  On the way back we stopped off at a Japanese restaurant and had a bite of lunch arriving home shortly after 2pm.  Once home we all cluttered off for a snooze, I didn't sleep as I was far to wound up but watched some bits and pieces of pre recorded TV.  None of us felt much like supper so I just pan fried the partridge breast having first given them a light dusting of seasoned flour.  Then it was back to bed and this time some sleep.....

Today the temperature is again below zero but as yet no snow though I think the forecast is that we will get some over the next few days.  To day Mike wants to pay a visit to Tesco as they are doing a good deal which is 10 pence off a litre of petrol when you spend £60 so Mike is going to hit the wine department then fill the car.  Len and Margaret are coming over for coffee and to visit Tuc, the invalid, who is showing no signs of ill health.  Yesterday as the first of the month the dogs get some Thornit powder in their ears to ward off ear mites and who was the first to volunteer - Tuc because he knows that there is a treat in it for him if he cooperates and he is still complaining that he is being starved to death.

I need to make some bread today as we are running short and I have some lamb rump steaks which have been through the sous vide machine so they just need 2 minutes in a hot pan to finish them off.  Half a baked potato and some purple sprouting broccoli should complete a reasonable meal.

Now that the hunting season is over I need to go through the box that sits in the car and has all the bits of kit which now need washing and sorting ready for October and the next season.  The inside of the car is also in a terrible state with inches of mud in the foot wells so a trip to the Albanians car cleaning establishment is also on the cards.  They do a really super job at a very reasonable price.  I also need to organise a serious training regimen for Basso over the summer so he can refine his skills at picking up.  I am not sure if I should go to official classes or organise a regular training session with Sandi.  You certainly need more than one person if you are to be effective.

Anyway none of this is urgent so I will content myself with bread making for the moment.  Hope you have a good day and that you manage to stay warm.....
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