Sunday morning

So here is all the new kit and what a day I had just transferring the data from one machine to the other.  I started with a 1GB flash drive but finally ended up getting a 320GB external hard drive to move all the stuff.  Even so it took ages and then I had to clean down the old machine of all personal data, what a chore.  In the interim I managed to keep the house running but only just.  We ended up with toast and potted shrimps for lunch and some ox cheek stew that I had made tipped over a baked potato for dinner. The goose turned out to be inedible so I hope the dogs like their meat cooked in red wine!!!!  What a lot of work for nothing but it certainly was a learning experience.  What have I learned? DONT DO IT AGAIN.

I also managed to make a batch of pasties and today I am going to make another lot as I still have plenty of filling but need to make more pastry.  I also need to make some more bread and as I bought a second 2lb loaf tin while I was in Lakeland I can double the quantity which should keep us going a bit longer.  There is a pile of ironing waiting as with all this computing I am getting very behind with the chores!!  I even have yesterdays crossword puzzle untouched and the knitting is still waiting!!!


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