Sunday morning

First sock completed and modelled by James now it is on at full pace with the second sock.  I am hoping to take a trip to Hobbycraft this morning to purchase a couple of items.  I really need a large safety pin to hold stitches and also a decent counter as a piece of paper and pencil is all a bit cumbersome.  I will also have a look for a pattern for some long thick fisherman type socks for wearing inside Wellingtons.  I had largely forgotten what a peaceful pass time knitting is and how easy it is to do in front of the TV.  I used to do lots of crochet but that needs constant counting and is a bit more mind taxing.

It is also difficult to take a photo with a flash as it keeps reflecting back but you get the general idea.  My eyesight is not what it used to be so this type of fine work is a bit strenuous.

Yesterday, started off fine and we got the dogs out for a nice long walk, however, the wind was so strong it almost blew us off our feet on a couple of occasions.  It was just as well we decided to go early as the afternoon was very wet with lots of rain.  Let's hope southern water remembered to put the plug in and save some of it!!!!

For lunch we had the pumpkin soup I had made along with some potted shrimps on toast and for dinner we had some nice sticky chicken wings baked in the oven with maple syrup and assorted other flavourings.  Today we have a leg of lamb for lunch which should be enough for not only lunch but a really nice shepherds pie to follow.  I am not sure which I like the most the roast meat or the pie.  Today the weather is supposed to be fine but returning to the cold temperatures of a week ago.  Then the beginning of the week is set to be wet again but getting warmer.

As I walked up the garden yesterday I noticed that all the bulbs are poking their noses up through the ground and that not only the snowdrops but also the crocuses are in bloom so spring is not far away.  I must admit that the hunting season certainly breaks up the winter months and give you a sense of purpose which is great for the winter blues however I really miss it now so I can hardly wait for spring to come and relieve the blues with sun and warmth.

Have a good day all ...................
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