Sunday morning

Minus 2 and still pretty cold here but there is neither wind nor fog so not too bad.  Yesterday there was some hesitation on the part of our visitors as there were lots of warnings about heavy traffic and poor conditions however they decided to come anyway and actually had a very event free journey with little traffic. Presumably everyone else heeded the warnings and stayed at home!!!

Lovely flowers from my friends who remembered my liking for white flowers not to mention the bottle of Crabbies which they brought me.....

The tea and cakes went down well and the four of us had great fun trying to do the crossword puzzle which we eventually finished with the usual help of Wikipedia.  The dinner went according to plan though the pork belly could have been a bit crisper.  This morning my oven is already on at 60 degrees and the beef will be sealed in hot pan in little while and then consigned for its 6 hours to the oven.  I will put my temperature probe into the centre of the meat so that I can tell when it reaches an internal temperature of 55 degrees from which time it can sit and rest for an hour.  Yes I know what you are thinking there is a huge amount of fat on the meat but I am hopeful that this will ensure it stays succulent and you don't have to eat the fat.  Interestingly the core temperature of the meat is 0 degrees which is amazing given that I took it out of the freezer at dawn yesterday and it has been in the kitchen ever since.  Now all I have to do is the Yorkshire and some vegetable and make a cr√®me brulee for desert.

While I wait for people to get up I can prepare the breakfast table and peal vegetables and get on with knitting my trial sock.  So far it has been easy to knit but I am wondering how difficult the heel will be to turn as I have never knitted a sock form the toe up.  The pattern is american so the abbreviations are a little different but hopefully I will be able to work them out.  Needless to say there is no list of abbreviations so I will have to muddle along as best I can.

Please keep your fingers crossed that my beef turns out OK it is a big piece of meat to mess up!!!  Have a good day all and I hope your Sunday lunch is all you hope for.....

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