Sunday morning

 Can you spot Basso?

What a difference a day makes or should that be a night as you can see we now have the promised snow fall. The world is very quiet and all sound is deadened by the soft blanket of white.  

Tuc as you can see is making good progress and the vet was very pleased with the reduction in the amount of jaundice so we are hopeful that he is on the mend but we will be taking it very slowly.  His very restrictive diet seem to be doing the trick and much as he feels that we are being mean and starving him we must continue the regimen for his own good.  After our trip to the vet it was off to Tesco to try and get some ham hocks but with no luck.  The shop was heaving with panic buyers, their trolleys ladened with hundreds of loaves of bread and gallons of milk.  All a bit over the top, so we pressed on to the butcher where there were plenty of ham hocks and also a nice shoulder of lamb which will be today's lunch.  The ham hocks made a nice lunch once they had been boiled and roasted then the left overs went into the pot with a pile of yellow split peas and made a super supper of pea and ham soup.  The remaining bones with the gristle and fat still attached will make a great meal for the poor cold chickens this morning.

In the paper yesterday not only was there a crossword puzzle but also a small recipe booklet by Heston which includes some of the items seen on his latest show.  The item that most interested me was the mashed potato or should I say pommes purée which requires holding the temperature of the boiling water at 72 degrees for 30 minutes - well this is where the sous vide will come into its own as that will be really easy to do.  I don't give much for your chances of regulating the temperature so accurately in a saucepan.  Once this is accomplished the potatoes are reboiled until falling apart soft before being put through a ricer and then a sieve.  Well that should make plenty of washing up!!!!!  Great if you have a slave or a kitchen porter but a bit much for the domestic kitchen.  Still what else do I have to do on a cold snowy day!!! I will let you know if it is worth the effort.  The lamb shoulder is going to be slow roasted so mash and greens will make good accompaniments.  

I have not got round to making the macaroni cheese but that will no doubt be on tomorrows menu.  I wonder how Joys turned out?  we seem to be cooking all the same things this weekend.  I have used Hestons cheese sauce recipe on several occasions and found it to be really easy and very cheesy so it is a method I will continue to use.  

Now here is today's dilemma do we get the snow shovel out and clear the paths or do we wait for nature to do its thing and melt the snow.  The problem with clearing the paths is that they then freeze leaving a layer of ice which is even more dangerous than the snow.  I could of course sprinkle them with some salt which hopefully will make them safer.  I think I will need to be selective as to which paths to clear and which to leave or I will be making a lot of needless work for myself.  The only good thing is that snow shovelling burns loads of calories.  My poor neighbours arrived back from 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, I bet they are really feeling the cold and will get quite a surprise when they get up this morning.  Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous!!!!  

And on that happy note I am off to play with some potatoes!!!!!  Have a good day and keep safe!!!


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