Saturday morning

Well its is day one of the Mac.  The Apple shop is a very nice way to spend money they do take it from you in a very pleasant manner.  Once we had had a run through and the machine was all set up with my email address etc. It was reboxed and as the boxes were quite heavy they were taken on a trolley to the car so we didn't even have to do that.  Once home it was out with the old and in with the new.  I had decided that the easiest way to keep all the important emails was to just forward them to myself so as soon as the new machine was switched on up they all came.  I was hoping that I could transfer all my photos and music from the iPad but it doesn't work that way so this morning I will need to plug the old machine in and down load them to a memory stick and then transfer them.

I am still playing with the photographic software so I decided to take a photo of Basso's latest artwork he is having a Jackson Pollock phase I think.  I suppose I should really provide him with paper so he no longer needs to decorate my kitchen cupboards.  He might be a sweetie but he is a messy one.

While I was shopping I also got an air wave printer which will now print, no only, from my computer but also from other wireless devices like the iPad or phone.

With all this excitement I abandoned the kitchen yesterday and left the goose to do its own thing in the slow cooker and so today I will need to tackle that.  I did however make a pound of short crust pastry ready to make my pasties so today I can prepare the ingredients to go into them.

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