Saturday morning

If only you could smell the perfume that is being emitted by this lovely bunch of lilies the scent is permeating the whole house.  Not only do they last well in a vase but they certainly give you your moneys worth in terms of smell.  I have a thing about white flowers and lilies I think are my favourites.

Yesterday, was a warm day and it was lovely to throw open the windows and doors and flood the house with fresh air.  Jane came and did her usual thing while I pottered in the kitchen making bread, some chicken pot pies for supper and a macaroni cheese for lunch.  James had to go off and get 2 new tyres for his bike if it is to withstand the rigours of motorway riding on a daily basis.  We are all delighted for him and hope this will give him a boost after what has been a very emotionally draining time.  We are not out of the woods yet but there is at least some hope on the horizon.

As you can see the heel is now turned and the very funky sock is all but complete if I can get the toe decrease  right then all I have to do is to knit the matching sock to make a pair.  I can see that it will take me until Christmas to get just a couple of pairs knitted!!!!  Still I might speed up now that I know what I am doing....

Today, being Saturday, it is crossword day so getting the paper will be high on my agenda.  The forecast is for rain but not until this afternoon so I should get the dogs out for a run before that starts.  As yet I have no ideas for lunch and dinner but I do have a squash that needs dealing with so that will probably made into soup.  I have a couple of chicken carcasses and wings in the freezer so I could make some more stock and perhaps a dish of sticky chicken wings which are always a treat.

Well I hope you all have a jolly good weekend what ever you have planned and that the rain doesn't spoil anything for you.
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