Saturday morning

OK here we go the start of a practice sock.  I sent for some bamboo double ended needles which when they arrived looked like a packet of tooth picks.  The pattern is off the internet and I found a spare bit of 4ply wool.  These particular socks are knitted from the toe upward which is all very strange but once you get to grips with the casting on method and the increase it seems to work out quite well.  I hope I am just as pleased when it comes to turning the heel.

Yesterday saw great cleaning in the kitchen and I got down on my hands and knees and did all the kick boards as well as all the door fronts.  Jane gave the floor a good clean so now the kitchen looks none too bad.  The beds all got changed and I must admit that I used the tumble dryer to get the washing done and finished.  I still have a small pile of ironing which will see it all done.  I don't feel too bad about using the tumble dryer as we had brilliant sunshine so were generating lots of electricity.  I made another loaf of bread so we will have plenty for breakfast tomorrow as most of my guests like to have eggs and toast given that the eggs are so fresh.

The beds are all changed and all I have left to do cleaning wise it the bathroom which I will do when I have my shower later this morning.  I also need to run the forks through the silver dip as they have very black tines.
Then it is on with the preparations for dinner.  The menu reads as follows:

Tea and cake [Lemon drizzle and/or chocolate and beetroot]

Crab and leek tartlets garnished with watercress

Belly of pork with crispy crackling served with baked apples, black pudding, and shredded savoy cabbage

Poached winter fruits with custard

Cheese board

Then after breakfast tomorrow it will be the full Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with crème brulee for dessert.  I am intending to do the roast beef Heston style which takes 6 hours in a lukewarm oven.  This will not be a problem given that I am up so bright and early.  It all sounds very simple you just brown the joint in a pan then into the oven until it reaches 55 degrees then out to stand for an hour while you do the remaining vegetables and Yorkshire.  The crème brulee will be done in the sous vide by way of demonstration.  The belly pork has already had 12 hours so it just needs finishing off.

James has gone back up to London to his flat to start the packing process then on Monday the valuer is due to come and give it the once over before it goes on the market. This also frees up a bedroom but leaves me without my helper.

This morning is very cold at -4.4 and is supposed to be the coldest night of the winter so far, not a problem with a silk duvet!!!but I bet the chickens water will be frozen solid this morning.

Well onward and upward I am going to warm up by slaving over a hot iron!!!!!
Have a good day and let me know what you think of the menu?

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