Monday morning

Yesterday was gloriously sunny but it was a day for catching up on neglected chores.  It is amazing how the house can go to hell in a hand cart in only a couple of days.  I started with the kitchen but before giving a good once over there was cooking to be done.  Firstly I made a couple of loaves of bread so now I hope I am a bit ahead.  Then it was making pastry to finish off the filling for the pasties.  James got stuck into his chores and washed his bike and then supervised the washing machine.  It was decided that we would have macaroni cheese for lunch and for dinner James treated us to a chinese take away.  I was pretty tired by the afternoon so after a half hearted attempt at the crossword I went for a siesta.  Only to find that I had fallen into a really deep sleep and could well have slept through until much later.

Plans for today include a good walk for the dogs who are going stir crazy with all this computing which bores them to tears they did however enjoy the goose that I had worked so hard on.  It will also do me good to have a bit of fresh air as I have been largely stuck indoors for a few days.  I am gradually sorting through my 7,000 photos and getting them into some sort of order not to mention the music library which is huge.  Unfortunately when I plugged in my assorted devices all the icon got shuffled so I have had to spend time putting everything back where it belongs - tedious.  Today for lunch we will all be having pasties and then for supper I have a nice piece of cod which I will just pan fry with some parsley sauce, boiled potatoes and a salad.  There is a mountain of laundry to be sorted and ironed so that will keep me amused for a while.  It is really lovely to dry washing in the fresh air instead of indoors everything smells so nice.

While trawling through the photo library I found this photo of me during my early flying days.  I don't suppose they would let you sit on the tail of a plane today!!!!

Anyway have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you have some your way.......
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