Monday morning

Yesterday was a lovely sunny and bright day but really rather cold.

The buds on the magnolia are like little fluffy jackets protecting the delicate flowers inside and the sky is as blue as blue.

The snow drops are in full bloom and scattered throughout the garden.  Some years ago my neighbour ordered thousands of snow drops then ran out of places to put them so I took the left overs and now they are beginning to clump up nicely. Some are plain singles but others are more exotic doubles.

The roast leg of lamb was a nice Sunday lunch with roast parsnips, peas and carrots, and roast potatoes.  There is ample left for a nice shepherds pie for tonight.  I also made a dessert of sous vide fruit with jelly and custard sort of like a trifle without the sponge base but none of us felt much like it so it was left for supper where it fitted the bill very well after some toast and cheese.

I took a trip to Hobbycraft and of course spent more than I had intended mostly because I bought a book on how to knit socks which seems to be one of those 'bible' type books with lots of pictures for idiots.  There must be 10 different ways to cast on and the same number of ways to turn a heel.  It does however have charts of the number of stitches required to make socks of different shoe sizes, and different weights of wool, all very useful.

As you can see Basso is still fast asleep and no one has mentioned that it is his birthday today, he is 4, can you believe four years have gone by since he arrived home as a tiny puppy?  I cannot tell you the joy that he has brought into my life in those 4 years.

James starts work today and I have organised some sandwiches for him to take for his lunch which has to be cheaper than buying in London. So I will also need to make a new loaf of bread which I will get under-way soon. I will miss his company around the house during the day and more than anything I will miss the cup of tea at 4pm which he brings me after my snooze.   It has been a real treat but I guess I am now back to my own devises.

For some time now I have been toying with the idea of changing my computer for an iMac given that I have and iPad and iPhone it would seem sensible to move over to Apple completely.  My brother in law is keen to have my old computer so I would be happy to let him have it rather than sell it with all the risk that that entails.  However I am not sure I have the skills to set it all up by myself so I think a lesson at the Apple store would be a good idea.  Anyway this is still on the back burner until finances have been sorted as it is no small outlay. I would have to sell lots of socks to pay for it :)

Well that about it for this morning time I got on with the daily chores - have a good day all.  Hope the weekend went well Anne and that your Greek is coming along a pace!!!!  I think you are very brave to tackle such a subject....

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