Monday morning

Dear readers I have woken up early again this morning feeling very nauseated.  I dived into the still messy kitchen to grab a cup of coffee but can't face the mess yet.  I feel pretty exhausted and having missed my afternoon sleep for a couple of day it has all caught up with me.

The beef turned out beautifully and had its 6 hours in the the slow oven I then turned it up high for the last 20 minutes and was delighted with the results.  The core temperature had reached 55 degrees so the meat was rare just the way I like it and there was not a drip of juice in the pan so it was very succulent.  I made some gravy with some good stock and the Yorkshire puddings where light and fluffy.  Sadly the crème brulee had not had enough time to set so it was still a bit liquid but tasted fine and I was able to brulee the top with my newly acquired gas gun.

Our visitors left at about 5pm and I immediately trundled off to my bed but managed to stay awake until about 9.30 however I feel like a dead dog this morning. However I did have to go and fetch the car which we had had to park some distance away as there was not a square inch of room for our visitors to park.   The dish washer is full and clean but there are still meat tins and left overs all over the kitchen which will have to be sorted out at some point when I get the strength.  In the mean time I will sit and scribble and drink my coffee.

We have finalised the arrangements for our trip in April so I will need to write and book a couple of pitches for that week.  Len and Margaret have volunteered to have the two small dogs so we will only have Basso to take with us and I will need to organise someone to look after the hens for that week.    Going away is not so easy when you have a menagerie.

This morning we are destined to go to the vet and tomorrow we are off to France so I hope I feel a little better than I do at the moment, perhaps I am just too tired and should go back to bed and see if I cant get a bit more sleep.

Anyway I will love you and leave you and hope to come back later.

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