Friday morning

Yesterday was pretty exhausting, first things first, I made a loaf of bread then decided to get stuck into dealing with the goose.  I got myself all settled with a bin between my legs sitting on the patio and away I went.  Well it was really tough the feathers didn't want to come out and then beneath them was the layer of down.  After about an hour I had managed to clear just a portion of the breast and my hand were aching.  The slight breeze made sure that there were feathers all over the garden and as I opened the door they also blew in all over the dining room.  I decided to ask for some advice and rang the farm where we keep the caravan.  They keep geese on the farm and prepare them for Christmas so they should know what is what.  First I was asked if the bird was dead and I said it had been shot on Monday the immediate response was that plucking would be impossible.  They can only be plucked when they are still warm.  I was advised to skin and casserole the bird and as I didn't know the age of the it I was also advised not to invite anyone to dinner as it could be a tough as old boots. I took the advise and decided to skin instead, even that was really hard work as the skin was attached with Araldite.  Finally I succeeded and put the bird in a large bowl of salt water to brine.  Then Shiona arrived and we went off shooting.  We decided to shoot skeet which we haven't done for quite a while and much to our amazement we had improved quite considerably.  It was the most glorious day with loads of lovely sunshine and so warm that we had our lunch outside on the veranda of the club house.

 Basso had come with us so he had a chance to have a run around with Frank his friend the labradoodle.

Once lunch was over we came home via the butcher where I bought some skirt to make pasties with and the fish monger where Shiona bought some scallops and I got some brown shrimps.  Then on to the wool shop where I bought a ball of the scarf yarn as I have had a request to knit yet another scarf for a friend.  We didn't make it home until gone 3pm.  Shiona gathered her dogs and made her way home and I got stuck in to making supper and sorting out the bird.  I have jointed it and browned it in a pan then added half a bottle of red wine and the usual vegetables and consigned it to the slow cooker.  The carcase and giblets are in the stock pot both of which have been turned on this morning so I can keep an eye on them.  For supper I did some chicken leg quarters with mash and creamed spinach.  Then it was off to my bed to knit a few rows and watch a bit of rubbish before falling into a deep and dreamless sleep.

This morning we are due to go to Bluewater and the Apple shop where I am hoping to buy an iMac but first I need to make sure that I take all the important stuff off the current computer so that I can make the swap with the minimum of fuss.  I thought that the easiest way to do this would be to dump everything to DVD which I can then reload on the new machine as and when necessary.  I will also need to make sure that my iPad is synchronised and all up to date with my photo and music so that none of that is lost.  Once that is done I can then start to empty off the old machine so that it is ready to go to a new home.  My brother in law has expressed an interest in the old machine which means it is safe and the hard drive will not end up in Nigeria having my bank details cloned.

When we eventually get round to eating the goose I will let you know how it has turned out.  If push comes to shove it can always be dog food.  One thing is for certain buying meat from the super market is definitely much easier but nowhere near as much fun!!!!

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