Friday morning

At last, about an hour after I had posted yesterday the flower finally started emerging.  Shiona arrived as usual and we both decided that neither of us was particularly keen to go shooting so we decided instead to take the dogs for a decent walk.  It was fairly cold and miserable but we had a nice time down at the sea wall.  At one point Basso took off like greased lightening after what he thought was a rabbit but it turned out to be a little dog who was chasing a ball.  Once we got home we then went to see if the lady that does repairs in a shop called 'sew and sew' would make a duvet cover for Shiona out of some nine meters of silk material.  Sadly she turned us down as she only does repairs and alterations.  If push comes to shove I have a sewing machine but I am not very skilled at using it.  I always seem to have terrible trouble with the tension and it takes me ages to get it set up correctly.  In the mean time she is going to look for a seamstress who might do the job for her.

Food yesterday was largely clearing up left overs we were having some leek and potato soup for lunch and I had made some very crunchy bacon to use as croutons but sadly it got eaten!!!!  what is it about crispy bacon that people just cannot resist.  Anyway that and a slice of bread was sufficient for us and just as we were finishing James arrived back from his interview.  Fortunately there was just enough soup left for him also.  He was pleased with the interview and by 4pm he had a job starting on Monday on a two week trial basis.  I am daring to think that the light at the end of the tunnel may NOT be the oncoming train!!!!!  Supper was again finishing off left overs and the last of the smoked chicken got demolished along with some bubble and squeak and another bowl of soup made from the carcass and some tiny soup pasta with copious Parmesan cheese.

Today the wonderful Jane is due so the house will get a bit of a birthday ready for the weekend.  I am intending to make a macaroni cheese which will use up the left over cheeses we have lurking about and then for supper I have some chicken which as yet I have no idea what I am going to do with.  Perhaps a chicken pot pie with mushrooms would fit the bill.  I also need to make sure that I have made enough bread to account for sandwiches for James once he starts work.  Taking a packed lunch will save him loads rather than eating in London which is so expensive.

You will notice how late my post is this morning I can hardly believe it myself but I slept like the dead last night and didn't wake until nearly 7am.  I think some of my accumulated tiredness finally caught up with me.

I was interested in the news last night they are predicting a big water shortage this spring which I find really annoying as ever since I have lived here they have been complaining that we need another reservoir but have they built one? NO and have they continued to build houses? YES.  So who is to blame????  The other thing I don't understand is they can build a pipe line from Siberia to bring oil and gas but Scotland or the lake district is too far away to pipe water down south.  Right, that is my moan for the day now it is time I went and got on with something constructive if only to finish knitting my first sock!!!!  I think I have turned the heel successfully so lets hope the rest is plain sailing....

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