Friday morning

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the week.  Where did it go?  Yesterday by the time I had made a couple of cakes and walked the dogs and whistled round the shops it was time for lunch and a siesta.  Not that I managed to sleep even though I was very tired.  The phone kept ringing and disturbing me until it was time to get up and get supper on the go.  For lunch we had had a turkey pie made with some of the filling that I has stashed in the freezer and for supper we had some home made burgers with butter beans stewed with peppers and tomatoes.

Tuc continues to make good progress and you would never know there had been anything wrong with him.  I am being very careful to introduce his regular food extremely gradually and we have not had a vomiting episode for over a week so I am hopeful that he is well on the way to full fitness.

Today the wonderful Jane is due and it is all into cleaning and bed changing ready for our visitors.  The front room could use a good clean as we have had several falls down the chimney which has left rubble all over the carpet.  I am assuming that it is snow or should I say melting snow that is causing the problems.  The sofa has been used as a spare coat store and is piled high with coats of various weights and water-proofness.  I am very fortunate that I have an assortment of jackets to choose from depending on the weather conditions.  Today they will need rounding up and putting back into the wardrobe upstairs out of the way.  It was my intention to get them all through the washing machine first so they go away clean but I think that may be a tall order.

My two areas of most concern are the kitchen which needs the cupboard fronts and kick boards given a good wash and the bathroom which needs a good birthday.  James is going off up to his flat today to start packing his stuff and so that we have a vacated room for our guests.  However, I am hoping he will join us all for Sunday lunch as our friends are then going up to London to stay with other friends that evening so it is a flying visit.

The weather is still bitterly cold here and the snow is just hard packed ice now and very treacherous  to walk on.  Some of the neighbours have cleared their frontage but other have just left it which means the unclear areas are now skating rinks.  The forecast shows no sign of the very cold weather letting us out of its grip in the near future.

As you know I have been trying to put in a complaint against the Metropolitan Police and over the last month they have pushed me from pillar to post and back again but yesterday I finally go through to someone helpful at the Independent Police Complaints Commission who is going to look into the unacceptable behaviour in taking the complaint.  Lets hope he tells them that when you are in a hole it is best to stop digging!!!!  It is my opinion that they have hoped that I would get bored with the whole process and give up.  How poorly they have judged me.....

Anyway on a lighter note the strelizia is still not in bloom can you believe how long this bud is taking to open.  I was hoping it might open for the weekend but who knows?

Have a good day with whatever you have planned I am off now to get stuck into cleaning the kitchen!!!!
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