Friday morning

Friday morning and the end of another week.  The temperature is down to minus numbers but there is no snow yet.  We took the healthy dogs for a walk yesterday and were treated to the full force of the wind from Siberia. It was not too bad when we were sheltered from the wind but we needed every ounce of clothing when we hit the blast.  We got back just in time to see that a queue had formed outside the front door.  Zoe had turned up to see James and Len and Margaret had arrived early.  Fortunately none of them had been there more than 5 minutes but all were ready for some hot refreshment.  Tuc who had been left behind was delighted to see us all back and desperately searched Len and Margaret for treats.  They usually bring him some but this time there were none as they are all high in fat.  We are destined to go to the vet again this morning but I think there is little he can do now and we need to be patient and gradually get him back on his feet.  Feeding is difficult as he is very hungry and we can only give him very small amounts of mostly carbohydrate in the form of porridge.  If only he understood it was for his own good and not us just being mean.......

It was decided that we would try a local pub for lunch.  It has only just reopened under new management.  Well what a disappointment.  The interior décor is still that of a spit and sawdust type pub and so we decided to have what was on the specials board not wishing to over stretch the kitchen.  Our order for one steak and kidney and three cottage pies was taken and when it finally arrived we had three steak and kidney and one cottage.  So while Len ate his steak and kidney we all waited for our cottage pies to turn up.  The food was passable but would you serve mashed potato as an accompanying vegetable with a cottage pie?  The seasonal vegetable that came with the dish had all been boiled without seasoning which made them taste watery.  This meal would not have been out of place at the end of the second world war but it made certain that we will not be going back there.

In the afternoon I took James to pick up his motor bike which has a new clutch and James is £200 poorer, but at least he has his own means of transport back.  

As you can see the strelizia is still not open I cannot believe how long this bud is taking to open - almost as long as my hyacinths which were meant to be in full bloom for Christmas and are only now beginning to open

The lamb rump got postponed in favour of a jacket potato and so will be gracing today's menu.  I certainly hope I do a better job of the accompanying vegetables than the pub managed. [not difficult].

Well time to hit the shower and get ready for the day.  It is going to be a cold one!!!!!!


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