Wednesday morning

What a wild day we had yesterday fortunately no damage to the house.  Now, I know that you don't need telling that I am ever so slightly mad but guess where I was at the height of the storm?  Yes you've got it, out with the dogs having a bracing walk.  We all got absolutely soaked and at times it was difficult to stay on your feet.  The dogs of course thought it was huge fun and I must admit so did I.  I did however use a little brain and walked where there were no trees which might land on my head.  Several years ago I had a large branch come down only feet from me while walking in the woods during a gale.  Big fright, lucky escape and lesson learned!!!

The terriers don't look too bad but Basso is a real mess and will need a good brush once he has dried off.

I was very grateful that I had the sausage and lentils ready as I was starving once I had managed to get out of all my wet clothes.  However, that left us with no supper so I ran up a quick macaroni cheese, before I crashed out in bed for an afternoon siesta.

Today, I am destined to go shooting so I hope the wind has died down a little.  I also have a few urgent jobs that need to be done.  The hens have no bedding left so I need to shred a few newspapers for them and I also need to make some mash for the top of the shepherds pie which we will be having for lunch now that my vegetables have arrived.  Then there is the inevitable pile of ironing.  I try not to let the ironing build up and get it done and out of the way as soon as possible.

Sadly, I never did get round to running the hoover around but I did give the dining table and chairs a good polish so not all bad and the score in the kitchen is now 11/26, so I am getting there.  I am not sure if I will get any cupboards or drawers done today.  It should be bin day but with a bank holiday on Monday everything is one day late so I will have to try and remember tomorrow.

As we are having a substantial lunch supper will be some soup that I made by stretching the remaining lentils with some stock.  The vacuumed pears we had for breakfast and they were rather interesting, very sweet as they had absorbed some of the sugar and slightly softer than fresh but with the same flavour.  I think this is good trick and I will be trying it with other fruits I think it can only improve the terrible peaches, that have more in common with wood than fruit, which we get in the supermarkets.  I can also see a pre-packed fruit salad done this way which can accompany us on camping expeditions.  We are hoping to meet up with friends just after Easter which is in April so the weather should have improved by then.

OK time I got under way have a good day all and by the way Marjorie I would not recommend getting up at stupid o'clock unless you have the opportunity for an afternoon siesta!!!

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