Wednesday morning and bin day

Not quite so stupid a time to be up but still very early.  Yesterday I did manage to go back to bed and get a couple of extra hours but woke feeling very groggy.  It was a perishingly cold day with miserable drizzling rain which persisted for most of the day. Definitely a day for staying in doors and keeping warm.  After all the trauma of the last couple of weeks we are all suffering with adrenalin hangovers and as if it were not enough for James his motorbike has a clutch failure just to make his life complete.  On the up side we have been having constant problems with our patio doors which keep slipping off their runner.  The man came out to fix them again yesterday and has recommended a new set of runners should this happen again.  I was concerned as the guarantee runs out in 3 days time but as the problem is an on going one they will fix it under the guarantee if it reoccurs.  Unfortunately the door has a lot of use as it is my access to the back garden and the garage where the freezer is located.  It is hard to believe that it is ten years since we had them installed.

Today we are going shooting so I hope the weather is a bit kinder.  I need to get in some practice if I am not to make a chump of myself at the shoot on Saturday.  Shiona is coming over and bringing me her Lancaster field gun which is very light and small so I can have a go today and see if I can shoot with it.  She too is having her problems as her heating has packed up and the men cannot come until tomorrow.  In an effort to keep warm she decided to light a fire yesterday but all that happened was that the house filled with smoke and set off all her new alarm system which automatically calls the fire brigade.  Fortunately she could phone and tell them it was a false alarm.  She ended up with all the windows open to get rid of the smoke and also the residual heat that was left in the house!!!!

So far I have made a pot of artichoke soup towards lunch and now I am going to make some meat balls in tomato sauce which I hope will fill us up.  I also made a loaf of bread but sadly most of it got eaten as we decided to have beans on toast for supper as none of us was feeling up to much.

The strelizia flower is still firmly furled and though this looks like the same photo it is one day on - I thought I would do one a day to show the progress but it could get very boring if it takes some time.  Now just to make my life complete I have a very sicky dog, he doesn't seem unwell, but has puked his dinner all over the carpet. Fortunately it is Tuc, one of the terriers, so at least the volume is not too great but not a job I relish before breakfast.  At least the carpet has not had its annual clean yet but it will need it fairly soon as it is looking pretty grubby.  I usually have it done once the worst of the winter weather is over and muddy foot prints are at a minimum.

On that happy note I am going to brace myself with another cup of coffee then tackle the mess!!!!!

Hope you have a better start to your day!!!!

P.S. The king size silk duvet direct from China including p&p £110 similar from John Lewis £230 quite a saving!!!!

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