Wednesday morning and bin day

We are finally back to the normal regimen of bins our on Wednesdays now that all the festivities are over.  However, before the bins can go out I have a 4 pheasants to deal with.  We were discussing this last evening and commenting on how heavy the birds are to carry back when we are out on the shoot so in the interest of accuracy I went and weighed a brace of birds on the spring balance in the garage.  6lbs was the weight and given that we often have 3 or 4 brace to lug back to the truck you are talking between 18 and 24 lbs which is not an inconsiderable amount to carry.  There is method in my madness and I do the birds early so that all the detritus can go out immediately with the bins.

Yesterday passed quietly with Jane doing her stuff so I was out with the dogs giving her a free run of the house and keeping me from under her feet.  The sous vide machine lay idle but I did spend some time getting a few bits ready for a session today.  I still had a pumpkin left from my previous weeks vegetable box so that was made into soup which we had for lunch together with some chicken liver pate and toast.  Supper was a cauliflower cheese to which some bacon had been added and served with a faggot which the butcher was making but as yet had not cooked.  I also bought a piece of belly of pork and a chicken both of which are due for the sous vide treatment.  The chicken has been jointed and the carcass is in the pot for stock.  While I was in the butchers shop we got round to discussing knives and he has volunteered to sharpen mine if I take them in to him.  It is my intention to take half in one week and the other half the next so that I am not left knife-less.  I am a great believer that sharp knives are far less dangerous than blunt ones as much less force is need.

Copious amounts of laundry were done and the house looks like a Chinese laundry with stuff draped everywhere so I can collect it up this morning and syphon out the ironing.  Most things are dry within the 24 hour period so it is not too bad but I will be glad to get the washing line reinstated so that the clothes can get a  good blow.  It is still very mild here but I am not convinced that we wont get some cold weather in February March which can be bitter.  As we drove around yesterday I noticed a cherry tree in blossom and my snow drops have just started to flower along with the white camellia the red one is always much later.  It is nice to have these reminders that spring is on the way and the dark days of winter will soon be over.

The plan of campaign for today is to get the sous vide under-way and get the chicken, belly of pork and pheasants all cooked.  I would also like to get a loaf of bread on the go so as to keep one step ahead.  While I am in the kitchen I will also get a couple of cupboards done as I have had a few days off and need to re awaken my enthusiasm.  On the subject of food did you see the Hairy Bikers last night they made a wonderful crab and leek tart which I feel should grace our menu later in the week.

My list of things to do is quite extensive so I had better make a start if I am to get it all done.  I will start with the bread and get that under-way then do the pheasants once it is light and the gaps can be filled in with ironing and cupboard cleaning.

Have a good day all and I hope your cleaning is going well.....

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