Tuesday morning

Yesterday as usual started with a trip to the vet with Tuc who appears to be back to his usual self - constantly demanding food!!!  His 0% fat diet is going well and it looks like this may be the way he will need to eat from now on.  However I don't think he will be getting polenta and pheasant breast for too much longer.  I will have to have a look around for a low fat dog food that he can have.

James friend came round at about 10.30 and we started making bread.  We tried with both fresh and with fast action yeast the results showed little difference.  We then also tried to cook one small loaf in the halogen oven which was less successful.  It did work but it would not be my first choice of method of cooking.  While the bread was rising we took a trip to the cash and carry where I stocked up on things like bleach which the wonderful Jane goes through at frightening speed.  While the bread was in the oven we had our lunch of meat balls and pasta with tomato sauce.  Then it was time to take James motorcycle to the garage to have the clutch looked at and hopefully we may get to pick it up today.  He is feeling pretty miserable with a cold but luckily my evening of fever seems to have passed with no other ill effects.  Perhaps my immune system is better than I thought.

Today we are starting off with another trip to the vet and possibly the bill to pay!!!  Fortunately we decided some time ago to cancel the insurance on the dogs and instead we opened a savings account for them.  The account balance is quite healthy so we will not be embarrassed by the vets bill.  Our reasoning for not insuring is that at least if we save the money it will always be ours even when we don't use it and there should be enough to cover the odd expense when we encounter it.

None of us felt much like supper last night so we just had some of the cold chicken in sandwiches made with the newly made bread.  It was interesting that the chicken even cold was still very moist and had not turned into cardboard which is my usual experience of cold chicken.  

The wonderful Jane is due today but we will be at the vets when she arrives so James will have to let her in.  I am hopeful that Tuc will be discharged this morning and we can get back to normal in the morning.

As you can see the strelizia still hasn't opened its second bud and we are eagerly awaiting the day when it does.  With all the turmoil I have made no plans for lunch but the fridge is full of bits and pieces so I think it will be a bit of clearing up of left overs.  My vegetable box is due so for tonight's supper we can have the long horn beef steaks with some mushrooms and a baked potato.  I still have a butternut squash left from last weeks box so that will be made into soup this morning using the chicken stock made yesterday.  I also need to get the fit dogs our for a walk as they have been rather neglected while we dealt with Tuc.  I also have three partridges hanging in the garage which will need to be plucked or breasted out depending how energetic I feel.

The weather forecast was for cold weather and we are below zero this morning but still dry with no wind.  Hopefully it is just a day for extra pullovers and thick coats!!!!

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