Tuesday morning

Well it is really stupid O'clock but hopefully I may return to bed and catch a couple more hours.  Yesterday was a day of ups and downs. On the up side I have finished cleaning the kitchen cupboards, the ironing got done and put away.  We had the most luxurious breakfast of eggs Benedict because I had a go at making hollandaise sauce in the sous vide machine and then didn't know what to do with it. It seems to be a completely fool proof method where all the ingredients are put in a sealed jar and floated in the machine.  Once the cooking time has elapsed you just whiz it with a stick blender and you have perfect hollandaise sauce.  It saves all that beating over a saucepan of boiling water stuff.
On the down side James finally got a diagnosis through of moderately sever PTSD {post traumatic stress disorder}.  Which in some respects is good as at least he now knows that his problems are real rather than imagined and given that the Met have done nothing to help him for 7 months I am glad he has decided that they are a rubbish employer.  However, had they not discriminated against PCSO's and given him counselling at the time along with the police officers all this might have been avoided.

We took Basso our for some jumping practice and found a perfect piece of fence that is as high as a 5 bar gate and with a little encouragement he was able to jump over relatively easily.  I have a photo but do you think this stupid program will let me use it.  No, but I will continue to try and see if I can get it up.

Bingo, success at last, the photo is not that good but you might be interested in the boat masts you can see in the background.  The field is right next door to a boat yard.

Today we are expecting the wonderful Jane so I will have to have a dash around and tidy so that she can get on and clean.  I still have a couple of things I want to do in the kitchen like the cooker hood and the grout on the floor but they can wait at least the main clean is done.  My veg box is due so I will have a few bits to play with including some Jerusalem artichokes which will make a good soup for shooting on Wednesday.

My strelizia is about to burst forth with a second flower and we are all taking bets as to when it will open.  My money is on the weekend but who knows.

Well that's about it for this early part of the morning and I can now hear my duvet calling me so I am going to cuddle up and see if I can get an hour or two more sleep before starting the day in earnest.
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