Tuesday morning

Now this going to make you laugh I know it certainly made me giggle.  We set off for Landrover at the crack of dawn and told them the sad saga of the wheel nut remover.  The nice young lady inquired if we were sure it was missing and I told her that we had searched the car yesterday with no success but I was happy for her to look.  She called one of the mechanics, who had very small hands, which he pushed down into the back panel where the jack is kept and low and behold there was the nut it had slipped from it place and was deep inside the panel.  You will see that we now have a bright green luminous bag in which to keep the nut so that this will never be a problem again

We were back home by 8.30 and the car went and had its brakes done with no problem.  The Halfords bill was just under £500 which is a considerable saving on the £800 to have the job done by Landrover.  Just enough to cover the cost of sous vide machine!!!!!  

Last night we had the pork chops which had been in the water bath since 7.30 am and they were tender and juicy not in the the slightest over cooked, once finished off on the griddle pan, to give them a bit of colour, and accompanied by some cabbage and gravy they made a really nice meal which was ready in minutes.  Dessert was one bag of our poached fruit with a dollop of Tesco's finest vanilla custard.

Today my vegetable box is due and will contain potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, cauliflower, spring greens, cherry tomatoes and a red lettuce.  This should give me some inspiration for my meals and a cauliflower cheese is certainly on the cards.  By the way I have just realised that the Heston recipe for cheese sauce omits the butter so I think it should be lower in calories than a normal sauce.  

I placed an order yesterday for 150 vacuum bags as I am going through them at an alarming rate and it was cheaper to buy them in bulk.  I am hoping that they will arrive today to replenish my diminishing stocks.  From now on I will be packaging various items in vac bags rather than cling film before they go in the freezer so that I can take them straight out and into the water bath with the minimum of fuss.  The one thing I will need to remember is to put some seasoning in as I pack.  To save electricity when I raise or lower the bath temperature I either add hot or cold water and once it has reached the require temperature it just ticks over on its thermostat varying by 0.1 or 0.2 of a degree so I don't think it is chewing electricity.  The biggest learning curve for me is that once food has had its minimum cooking time it doesn't matter how long you leave it it will not spoil or over cook.

The wonderful Jane is due today so the house will get a birthday not that it is in too bad a state as I have tried to keep it tidy.  I can also get back to cleaning a few cupboards as I have got more than half way I am feeling energised to finish the job.  There is one draw, that I call "the crap draw", which no doubt will get left until last as it is in the most terrible mess and will take courage to even attempt!!!

So here goes "once more unto the breech dear friends"


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