Tuesday morning

At the moment it is blowing a gale and pouring with rain which according to the weather forecast is what we can expect until early afternoon when it should pass over.  Though we are no longer in double figures it is still a very mild 7degrees.

On the cooling wrack you can see mini bread loaves which I made yesterday, I would show you the grissini but we ate them all.  The rolls have made it into the freezer so they are safe for the moment.  The butchers experimental sausages are really delicious and we have some left for lunch today.  The ox tail was cooked in a thin gravy some of which is also left so that will make the base of a lentil dish which will do for supper.  My vegetable box is due today and I will be really pleased to see it as I am almost completely out of everything.
I bought a half price pork shoulder joint in Tesco for £5 [don't tell the butcher] once at home I managed to make 7 shoulder chops out of it which if you ask me is really good value for money.  My thinking is this, even if the quality of the meat is not all it could be, it should be tender and moist once it has been through the sous vide machine.  I also bought some pears to try the vacuum pack poaching technique which basically just requires time in the fridge with some sugar.  They look OK and to my amazement haven't turned brown despite no lemon juice.  I guess the exclusion of the air is what makes the difference.

Now I know you can hardly wait to find out if I did any spring cleaning and you will be pleased to note that both a cupboard and a draw got done, so we are now at 7/26.  There is no wonderful Jane today so I will have to pay some attention to running the hoover around and flicking a duster about not to mention a bit of ironing from yesterday's laundry.

Anne, I hope you enjoy your Wii fit when you get it going.  I like ski jumping but the last time I had it out I decided to do a step class.  Basso assumed I was dancing and so hurled himself at me to join in.  Sadly he was behind me and I didn't see him coming which resulted in quite a crash but fortunately I missed the TV so no real damage was done.  6.5 stones at speed is quite an impact!!!

Well that's about it for this morning it feels really dull now all the celebrations are over and all that is left is the mundane day to day chores of life.  So onward and upward and on with the spring cleaning!!!!

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