Thursday Morning

Yesterday we were blessed with a reasonable day it was dry with no wind but very dull and not too cold which all in all was ideal for shooting practice.  James came with us and the three of us had a really good shooting session.  We moved from stand to stand only shooting the type of clays that mimicked incoming pheasants.  We also tried to remember that we had two barrels on the gun.  With clays you use one barrel for one bird and the second for the second bird but when shooting real pheasants you can use both barrels at the same bird. If you miss with the first you can have a second bite at the cherry.  I was pleased with the way we both shot and so I hope we will not make ourselves look stupid on Saturday.

Shiona brought with her this photo of the cot blanket she has knitted for a baby in Australia.  It is knitted in very fine cotton and has taken her ages so I volunteered to put a crochet border around the outside to make it look a bit neater.  Please note the background of a pure silk duvet cover bought in China while she was on her cruise.  The factory we are getting the quilts from also make covers but they are pretty pricey.

The day had not started well with Tuc being sick and during the day he was not even able to keep water down until just before we were thinking a trip to the vet might be necessary.  However he has not had any further sickness overnight and has kept water down so this morning I will try him with a little boiled rice and see how he gets on.  He is not showing any other signs of illness and still has a cold wet nose so he isn't dehydrated.  Fingers crossed it was just something unmentionable that he ate while we were out.

For lunch yesterday we had the artichoke soup which resulted in the inevitable windy night!!!! however it was delicious.  I also made some meat balls with tomato sauce which we had with shredded and buttered  savoy cabbage in lieu of pasta.  For dinner we had some Japanese battered fried chicken thighs.  Sadly there are never enough of these and no matter how many I do everyone is disappointed when they run out.  After watching the Hairy Bikers in the evening we are definitely going to have a kedgeree for lunch.  I went on to watch Heston roast chicken and make chicken stock using his pressure cooker.  I must admit I don't usually use a pressure cooker but it does make sense.  With the roast chicken he did brine it over night which is definitely a good idea and has proved to make the meat really moist but you do need to remember the night before.

Today I have to make a trip to the butcher to pick up my second lot of knives which have now been sharpened so I will have a full set of sharp knives and what a difference it does make.  We are in limbo land with the Met who still have not had the courtesy to notify James that they have accepted his resignation and I would have though a week quite long enough.  The more dealings I have with them the less I like them!!!!

Oh boy would you believe it is it hosing down outside that's going to make dog walking fun!!!!

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