Thursday Morning

Yes it is stupid O'clock but I do have a reason.  Yesterday saw the culmination of 7 months of torture at the hands of the Metropolitan Police and James finally resigned.  This is, of course, exactly what they wanted in order to save themselves any further embarrassment.  However, as luck would have it, I had already put in a formal complaint to the Department for Professional Standards.  I am of a generation who were brought up to respect the police but I can honestly say that view has changed completely.  While individual officers may be honest there are plenty who are neither honest nor trustworthy and as an organisation they take the biscuit for institutional inefficiency and ineptitude.  This whole debacle has wasted untold amounts of taxpayers  money which is something they are extremely good at doing.  We now find ourselves with a son who has had his whole life destroyed and is unemployed with a mortgage to pay.  Thank goodness we are here to provide a soft place for him to fall and he doesn't have a wife and children in tow.

It is going to be a long hard struggle to get him back on his feet and I am sure we will have plenty of problems along the way but at least we can start without the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.  The financial mess will take some sorting but more important is to try and rebuild his confidence and get his post traumatic stress disorder treated.  I think we stand a much better chance of getting this done now that he is away from the stressful situation and one ten ton weight has been lifted from his shoulders.  His flat in London will have to be sold and the contents got rid of which hopefully will leave him with some equity to start afresh.  In the mean time he will be living here with us while he looks for work.  Not a good time to be seeking employment with the current financial climate.

I think today will be a busy one as there are so many things that need sorting and people to notify.  I don't suppose he will be eligible for any government help for a least 6 weeks as he has resigned.  However, I don't know how we stand as he is not fit to continue in his current employment.

By way of occupational therapy I have almost finished the kitchen cupboards the score now stands at 20/26

Now this is where my day of sous vide cooking has paid dividends I was able to open a few packets and produce a meal for 4 last night with little or no trouble.  We had sauté potatoes [vac packed] with roast belly of pork [vac packed] and some lovely curly kale freshly boiled.  Poached fruit [vac packed] and cream for dessert.  All hot and on the table in under half an hour, it would have taken longer to get a take away.

And here is a bit of good news.  Yesterday I tried to refill my blow torch for doing crème brulee only to find that the knob snapped off in my hand.  It was a Lakeland purchase so a rang them and without so much as hiccough they have put a new one in the post.    Some companies deserve to do well.

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