Thursday Morning

Where to start, yesterday got all turned upside down and I ended up in the kitchen for most of the day.  First I made a loaf of bread as I am trying to get ahead of the "eaters" and now have a whole loaf sliced and in the freezer and half a sliced loaf in the bread bin.  Then it was on with the sous vide and in went the pheasant breasts while the legs joined the chicken carcass in the stock pot. It had taken me a good hour and a half to prepare the pheasants from their feathered form. Next into the bath was the chicken legs and breasts packed separately.  Then finally in went the belly of pork which needed 8 hours.  The men had seen the Hairy Bikers leek and crab tart and put a request into the catering department so I ordered 2 crabs which then had to be picked!!!  The crab meat is in the fridge and the shells in the freezer for a shellfish reduction,  Today I will make the tart so it is a good job I watched Heston last night as he came up with a tip of using coins as baking beans as they transfer heat much better when blind baking so I will start by raiding the piggy bank for low denomination coins.  Once the stock was strained off there was all the meat to be picked over for the dogs, another long tedious job, which has provided enough food for the dogs for 3 meals for the 3 of them so definitely worth the effort.  Amid all this hubbub there was lunch so I warmed up some scotch broth from the freezer and we had some toast and Stilton cheese.  The chicken breast were on the menu for dinner with some tagliatelle.  I am not a lover of chicken breast but this was different, they had remained very juicy, were tender enough to eat with a spoon and there was absolutely no shrinkage.  A quick flash in a pan of hot butter to brown the outside and it was ready to eat.  It was a revelation!!!!  So far all the things I have tried have been a roaring success and my men are impressed with the results so I have been forgiven for spending the money!!!!

 Dogs meals of boiled pheasant, poor things!!!!

Pork belly cooked and ready for stage 2 a blast in a hot pan or the oven

Stock reduced from 4 litres and ready to be de-greased and frozen.

Did I get the ironing done? NO neither did I do a cupboard but boy did I do some washing up, all this cooking certainly makes a mess.  I really could use a slave/kitchen porter if you know anyone who would like the job!!!  The conditions of employment would be quite good, bed and board, every evening off and next to no wages but free cookery lessons.  Sound good, apply to me if this sounds like a job that would suit you!!!!

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