Thursday Morning

Yesterday I asked Jeff if he had any papers he could let me have for chicken bedding and this is what I got!  This boy has too much time on his hands!!!  We went off shooting and managed to avoid the bad weather though it was both cold and windy.  However, for the first time ever my score card had more hits on than his.  By the time we got home we were starving and the shepherds pie went down a storm with a beer and a shot of his sloe gin.  Our sloe gin is a bit dryer as I added half the sugar recommended but the flavour of both was stunning and guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold winters day.

Then came the best surprise of all, the sous vide machine arrived and of course it was put straight into action.  I was ill prepared as it was not due for a few days yet, so in desperation I cooked some potatoes in it.  The potatoes were vac packed with some olive oil which I had frozen that morning salt pepper and a small piece of garlic.  While they were doing I got some pork chops out of the freezer and this morning they have been placed in the machine in their vac bags with just some seasoning.  Getting to grips with the new technique is going to prove a challenge as the cooking times are so long you need to plan well ahead.  The chops should be ready for supper having been put on at 3.30am.  However, once cooked they can sit in the fridge for weeks or even go in the freezer.  When the chops are done I can either brown them in a smokingly hot pan or with a blow torch, what fun! and I will let you know how they and the spuds have turned out.  By the way the machine runs at 500W so it is not too juicy on electricity.

Despite going shooting I still managed to do a couple of drawers and the score is now 13/26 so that is the half way point.  I was very industrious and got one of the beds changed and the sheets washed not to mention running the hoover round the house. Brownie points for me I think....

This morning it is blowing a gale again so I will have to take care when I put the rubbish out for the bin men as I think it may blow all over the road at the moment.  The sheets may be washed but they are still in the machine and need to be hung up to dry, which fortunately means, they will not be dry enough to iron until tomorrow.... Shame....  I will have plenty of time to vacuum pack all sorts of things ready for the sous vide.  I'm off to the freezer to find some things to play with.....Have a good day all

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