Sunday morning

Yesterday started with  a trip to the vet where Tuc was given an anti-emetic and also some antibiotics then it was back home for cage rest and 2 hourly warm water drinks.  He has had no further vomiting and is now asking for food which I take to be a good sign.  We are due to take him down to the vet this morning at 9 am and I am hopeful that we can start re-feeding today.

We were all at a loose end as we had had our plans cancelled, so we bought a paper and did the crossword with the help of Google and the iPad. The shooting picnic of scotch eggs and pea and ham soup was what we ate for supper and  for lunch we had sausages with bacon.  I made up some bags of poached fruit which I put through the sous vide machine for two hours so now they can sit in the fridge until needed.  It is a nice stand by to have available when you just fancy something sweet to finish off a meal or a quick and easy breakfast.  In the bags I put an apple and a pear cut into eights and a plum halved, together with one teaspoon of sugar.  The texture is rather like that of tinned fruit as it still retains some of the crunch and the plums disintegrate and just make a nice syrup for the harder fruit.

Once we have been to the vet this morning we have to take a trip to Faversham and the wonderful food emporium where we need to purchase some more coffee.  The coffee machine takes coffee beans and we buy them in kilo bags which are not available in the super markets.

Then we are going to stop off at my friend Sandi's house and return her dog first aid kit which she left in my car on the last shoot.  She has several more days of beating to do before the season is over and you can bet if I have her first aid kit something will happen.  There is always a danger to the dogs especially with so much barbed wire fencing around. My own first aid kit is in the car and has been adapted to cover both dogs and humans.  However, I always carry a bandage and wire cutters in my pocket in case the car is at a distance and touch wood Basso has only had a few scrapes and nothing serious as his big rough coat protects him.

Today for lunch we have a nice chicken but it may get put off until supper depending how long we are out as I will not be around to man the kitchen.  In the mean time I am going to plunge it in brine so that it will be ready when I am.  Heston recommends 60g of salt per litre of water as the correct ratio so that is what I will try.  I can prepare the vegetables now so that they too are ready to go as soon as we are back.

The weather forecast for today is for extra cold but currently we are in the positive numbers if only by 2 degrees and it is dry and still with a hint of fog.  Is the weather cold where you are?

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