Sunday morning

The dreaded "crap" drawer done



Not easy to see the difference but it is much tidier and cleaner and I have binned quite a few bits and pieces.  Anyway it is by far the worst of the cupboards and drawers so now I feel I am on the home run with just 10 left to do.

Either the general knowledge crossword was easy or I was on form but it only took about an hour to complete, leaving me plenty of time to fiddle in the kitchen.

The sous vide machine got put into good use as I took some pigeon and pheasant breasts out of the freezer and cooked them ready for a game pie.  I also did some vegetables, glazed carrots and some new potatoes which can now sit in the fridge ready for when they are needed.  Which as it turned out was sooner than I though as James and his friend turned up at supper time so I was able to very quickly serve the ox cheek stew with carrots and potatoes and for dessert some of the stewed fruit with custard.  Job done a two course meal in under 20 minutes and no nasty washing up!!!

This morning I need to get some bread under way as we are motoring through it at an alarming rate.  It really doesn't take long to make but you do need to be around for several hours while it rises and proves.  There should be plenty of time in between to get some more cleaning done.  

Yesterday, the day started at -1 but today it is a positively balmy +2 degrees.  As yet we haven't had a really cold snap but there is still time for that. Both James and I were pleased it was not a shoot day as we would have needed every bit of thermal clothing we possess.  Lets hope next week end is reasonable and we don't freeze.

By the way just as an aside by taking photos of all my house I will have a record, if we ever get burgled, of exactly what we did have.  It is also proof for the insurance company and should make life a bit easier.  I have also done this with my credit cards etc.  Lay them out, photograph, turn over and re photograph, then you have all the details readily available if you loose them.  It is quick and easy and saves you writing everything down just take a print and file.

Well that's about it for today nothing very exciting planned so I will head to the kitchen and get the bread under-way.  Have a good day all...... 

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