Sunday and a day of rest

The intrepid bunch of pickers up wrapped up against the cold and ready for a days work

We set off as usual at about 8.15 loaded down with clothing and hot soup and pasties for our lunch.  The first few drives yielded very few birds but as the day progressed things improved.  After lunch Basso and I were assigned the back gun who follows behind the beaters to get any birds that double back.  Well Basso had his work cut out as the guy was a good shot and birds started to rain down.  He had to charge around and fish them out of big patches of brambles which he does with great ease.  The word Spinone comes from the Italian word for thorn - spino and this is where his rather unruly coat serves him well.  He ended up with a bag of ten pheasants and a woodcock.

We have some nice photos as Shiona was our official photographer.  The total bag for the day was rather poor with a mere 76 birds shot.

We finally made it home by about 4pm and after cups of tea and foot washing for Basso we settled down to play a game of the Cube while the supper was reheating.  The belly of pork was in the halogen getting its crackling crisp and the cauliflower cheese was in the oven browning.  A blob of home made apple sauce made a pretty good meal for some hungry hunters.  Basso had double his usual ration of food and was still looking for more and given that he had devoured a fair amount of pasty pastry at lunch time he had done rather well.

Next weekend is Beaters day and I am down to shoot but I find it rather to hard to carry my heavy gun so James and I are going to shot one drive each and so split the work by half.  Lets hope we do better than last year when all I got was a partridge.

By 10 pm we were all shattered and happy to take to our beds.

Today being Sunday I have no plans Shiona wants to leave at about 8 as she is organising a Burns lunch and needs to get off home to make preparations.  She had come with a baby blanket that she had knitted which required a neat crochet edge.  This is my forte and I am please that I got it finished before I fell asleep.

I have no real plans for the day other than to relax and potter in the kitchen.  Next week will see the end of the shooting season and I will have to go through all the gear and get it washed and cleaned ready for October.  In the mean time I think I will need to see if I can organise some training sessions for Basso during the summer just to keep his mind occupied and his body in good shape.

Well time for coffee and a bit of washing up!!!

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